El día de los muertos: Honrar a un ser querido
¿Cómo puedes honrar a un ser querido que se ha muerto?
Students explore the mexican tradition of El día de los muertos as they honor someone who has passed on with this technology project.  Students can choose to honor someone that they personally know who has passed away, or if they feel more comfortable, they can choose to do their project on a famous person, an animal/pet, or they can even make up someone. 

There are three options that students can choose from to differentiate the instruction and assessment opportunities. 

This project allows students to make a personal connection with El día de los muertos, as well as to work on using the past tenses in Spanish.  It is designed for a 2nd or 3rd year level class, but it can be adapted to any level. 
Honrar a un ser querido/difunto para el día de los muertos
El día de los muertos
La calaca
La muerte
Recordar a los difuntos
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Foreign Language

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