Scroll over the buildings to find out about all the cool things there are to do at Santa’s Secret Village. Send a letter to Santa, create holiday postcards, read and color stories about Santa, play games, puzzles and activities, and sing Christmas karaoke, and make holiday recipes. There are lots of educational activities and even hidden stories.
How Christmas Works From How Stuff Works, learn all about Christmas: What is Christmas, Why Christmas is such a big deal?, why people give presents, about December 25 being Jesus’ birthday. Watch videos on how to make decorations, and more.
Design a Gingerbread House Drag and drop the candy decorations onto the house. You can print out your finished house as a card for a special person!
Email Santa Email Santa. Read his blog. Play Santa games. Watch webcams of Christmas around the world and more.
KidsClick! Christmas A web resource list for kids compiled by librarians. Includes games, Christmas in Mexico, Colonial Christmas Customs, Advent calendar activities and more. 
Christmas Crafts
Also from KidsClick! How to make wreaths, pretzels, snowflakes and many more Christmas holiday crafts.