Web What?
How has web 2.0 technology changed education in the 21st century?
Teachers work collaboratively to research and answer the essential question: How has web 2.0 technology changed education in the 21st century? Teachers work in small groups of 3-4 to collect data on the use of technology and current pedagogy, conduct web research, and become more familiar with some commonly used tools. As the culminating project, each group is asked to present their findings, and provide examples of how these tools could be incorporated into lessons.  They will be asked to reflect on their learning and consider how this kind of technology could be applied in their practice.

Teachers are realizing that students are becoming increasingly tech-minded and that their learning needs and preferences are changing. They understand that they may need to change or adapt their teaching methods to address this change, are uncertain as to what is available and how it could be used. As an introduction to a series of professional development sessions on integrating technology, specifically Web 2.0 tools, this lesson gives teachers a general introduction about what this technology is, what is available and how it is currently being used. In considering their findings, the groups begin to understand the application of these tools and can form the basis of future professional development and training.

Technology in education
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