Web What?
How has web 2.0 technology changed education in the 21st century?
Big Idea
This could be an introductory session to further training or a start to implementing web 2.0 technology in a school.  It is an open-ended project which allows teachers to tailor their findings to their own grade level or department. 

This is a collaborative project that teachers and other school staff can work on in small groups.  It addresses several NETS-T standards related to professional development. 

Learners will:

  • consider how web 2.0 technology can be used to support learning and teaching
  • discover what the technology is capable of
    • for teachers
    • for students
    • for administration
  • learn about new developments in technology in relation to pedagogy
  • consider whether technology that is currently being used is really supportive of learning and teaching
  • reflect on whether they are meeting the needs of their students and whether there are areas for further development