Web What?
How has web 2.0 technology changed education in the 21st century?
1. To start with...
Watch the short video at the bottom of the page to get your group thinking about the place for technology in education.  How has technology changed education in the 21st century?  Has it changed education?  Should it change education?  Have a brief discussion in your groups.

Part of the video was about collaboration and using technology.  That’s where web 2.0 comes in.  In your group, you will create a mindmap showing your thoughts and understanding of the following:
  • what is web 2.0? 
  • examples of web 2.0 tools?
  • what is collaborative learning?
  • what type of technology do you use in your classroom?
  • what else would you like to know about technology?
  • what do you consider to be ’effective’ use of technology?
Before you write anything on a piece of paper, STOP!  This lesson is to help you become more familiar with web 2.0 technology.  So for this first task, you will be required to use it.  Below are two vodcasts about a collaborative mindmap tool.  You will need to open mind42.com in a separate window.