Winter Olympics 2010
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How To

WOW! Learn all about events from the inside out. Learn how athletes work to develop their skills, face their fears, and develop into the best they can be at their chosen sport!

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Drop In and Tune out How to Stomach Downhill Fear
 How Does it Feel?  How to land from 50 feet in the Air
How to Sweep the Ice  What Iíve learned about the Cold
How to Fly  How to Handle a Crowd
Prep for a Sled  How to Take a Slapshot
 How to dress for a Final How to Shoot in the Cold
Big Moves and Crashes Crashing on the Ice and Snow
 Thrills and Chills Day 6 Speed Skating Close Calls
 Suit Up Double McTwist

Share something you learned you didn't know before in the comments box below.