Web 2.0 in the Classroom
Go to https://web20.my-ecoach.com
Choose a Tool
1. Choose one of the Web 2.0 tools from this website.

2.  Fill out your email, Twitter name, or IM name on one or more of the cards given out with your name. Choose at least one other teacher to work with either from the audience or your school. You can base your choice on the type of tool you choose. Then trade cards so you have a way of contacting each other.

3. Practice using the Web 2.0 tool you chose and then work with your other teachers to write a lesson plan as a teaching tool or for your students.

4. Share your lesson and what worked in the comment box below. Use the passcode: web2.0 to have access to the text editor (recommend Firefox browser). With the text editor, you can upload a picture or example of student work.

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