Web 2.0 in the Classroom
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Make Beautiful Word Clouds from the text you provide. Here are some ideas on how to use Wordle in your classroom.

Essay Word Clouds: After your students write an essay, they can copy and paste their essays into Wordle. Then have all students share their word clouds and see if there are any similarities, differences by boys or girls, and even classes. You can post your class clouds on the bulletin board or blog.

Famous Speeches: Have your students work in a groups where each group finds a famous speech and pastes it into Wordle. Have them analyze the cloud for most commonly used words or not used. Have them determine the speakers intentions from the results or guess the speech from the Wordle. Go here to choose a speech:

Create a Poll: Try using Wordle to organize your data instead of a graph. Start one Wordle where you ask your students to come up and put in their favorite color or food. When they are all done, generate the cloud to see the bigger words which are the most popular colors or food. Print or copy the Wordle and then do another.

Wordle Word Walls: Brainstorm with your class synonyms, antonyms, or definitions for a list of vocabulary words. Then create a Wordle cloud with the list and words collected. You can also compile a list of words that students use on a daily basis. Collect targeted vocabulary words that the children use on a daily basis, and then create a Wordle cloud to show words used most often. Start early with word walls Wordle lessons.

Compare and Contrast word clouds of two or more studentsí writing, famous speeches, song lyrics, news reports, book reviews or whatever else you may need to compare in your classroom studies. Use Wordle as a compare and contrast tool.

KWL Charts: Students can create KWL charts on what they know, what they would like to learn and then find out about a given topic. Create word clouds at the end of a unit to summarize the key learning points or vocabulary from a given topic.

There are a lot of fun and interesting things you can do with Wordle lessons in the classroom. Challenge your students to come up with some uses of their own!

Thanks to https://jenuinetech.com, https://peterpappas.blogs.com, and https://ictlearning.net for their innovations with Wordle in education.

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