Dr. Seuss Birthday Bash 2020!
Doesn't everyone love Dr. Seuss? We do!
Birthday Bash 2016


We celebrated his Birthday Bash on his birthday, March 2, 2016..

112 years old he'd be...

Celebrate with us and fun you will see!


              Our 2016 Birthday Bash might be done.....

                        But the learning fun has just begun!




Take a look around our website and

come read with us Wednesday March 2!

Participate in our online activities that celebrate the joy of reading!

Write  letters to the Lorax!

Share with us your Favorite Seuss book!

Share what you’d like to do, the places you’ll go!

Sign our guestbook! (if you’re from another school)


Join us at our online live WebConference!




Morning Ceremonies from, 2014!





Here’s some of the fun we have each year....Join us!