Dr. Seuss Birthday Bash 2020!
Doesn't everyone love Dr. Seuss? We do!
WebConference 2016


Birthday Bash 2016

We met online together on March 2 !

First time users of Collaborate click here to check everything out... look for "first time"

Here's a link to a practice room that is live...check to see if you can get in....v12.6 Configuration Room (US-SAS)

1st Graders say "Happy Birthday" before our WebConference!

Recordings of our WebConference will be posted here.

Our 2016 Seussical WebConference Schedule!

9:00-9:45   Readers Theatre: "Green Eggs and Ham" especially for K-1-2


10:00-10:45   Seuss Trivia Challenge 1 Live....for grades 2-3-4-5


11:00-11:45   Seuss Trivia Challenge 2 Live....for grades 2-3-4-5


12:30-1:05   Seuss Trivia Challenge 3 Live...for grades 2-3-4-5

...all times are pst. 

Note: After each session everyone must leave the room then re-enter after 10 minutes for the recording to occur.

Last year we had so much fun! San Jose News came and did a story about us!