Dr. Seuss Birthday Bash 2020!
Doesn't everyone love Dr. Seuss? We do!
Let's Do it Again...in 2010!

It’s that time again to celebrate one of the greatest authors of all time!

Grades 4-5...Choose your partner, a Dr. Seuss book, and sign up on the "Wall" and ue our survey tool. Let me know if you are reading aloud and/or are willing to take a Dr. Seuss Challenge question to the third grade. Then practice your book with your partner.

Grade 3....Use this site to find out as much as you can before the big day about Dr. Seuss.
Use the drop down "Find out about Dr. Seuss"  for information that might come in handy during the Quiz. Winning classes get to choose books from past Book Fairs for their classroom libraries!

Grades K-1-2  Get ready to READ!

Everyone: Wear your favorite jammies (not the worn out ones), bring a stuffie on Tuesday March 2 and celebrate the joy of reading as Bay Farm School puts on another Birthday Bash for Dr. Seuss!