Dr. Seuss Birthday Bash
Doesn't everyone love Dr. Seuss? We do!
Seuss Day 2014

How did it go in 2015?

Grades 3-4-5

In the comments box below please comment on how the day went for you...
What worked really well?
What did you really enjoy about the day?
Were there any problems, challenges, difficulties?
What could we consider to make Dr. Seuss Day even better next year?

Be sure to include your name and room number.

If you’d like your comment to remain confidential write "Shhhhhh" and I will use your comments privately as I plan for next year. Otherwise I may want to share your ideas by publishing them. Thanks!


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By Isabel l.      March 13, 2013 -- 01:46 PM
I liked wearing pajamas

By Brenden D.      March 13, 2013 -- 01:18 PM
I loved getting to wear pajamas,mine are really comfy :)

By Josh      March 13, 2013 -- 01:14 PM
What really went well is buddy activities.nothing could make Seuss day better

By Jessica .W      March 13, 2013 -- 01:11 PM
I like reading to my buddies

By Kyle C      March 13, 2013 -- 01:07 PM
I like reading books to my buddies and the web conference.

By Amira T.      March 13, 2013 -- 01:07 PM
My favorite part about Dr. Seuss's Birthday is that I got to read with my buddy.

By dayonne johnson      March 11, 2012 -- 02:12 PM
it was fun

By Zoe D.      March 6, 2012 -- 01:45 PM
I liked reading to my buddies.

By Sarah T.      March 6, 2012 -- 01:44 PM
I liked Dr. Seuss day because we got to read Dr. Seuss's great and funny books. It's also great because we get to wear our pajamas all day!

By Alan He      March 6, 2012 -- 10:23 AM
I really liked Dr.Seuss day because I got to wear my pajamas to school.

By Ryan Cheng      March 6, 2012 -- 10:22 AM
I loved Dr. Seuss day! A lot of people wore their pajamas! I can't wait untill next year!

By Erik Wolfl      March 6, 2012 -- 09:55 AM
I like Dr.Seuss Day because we get to where our pajamas and our pajamas feel very warm and comfortable.I also like the day because we play with our buddies and sometimes eat with them.

By Peri R.      March 8, 2011 -- 11:33 AM
I love Dr.Suess Day every year because I think it's good for kids to read and the books that Dr.Suess wrote are very good and fun for children.

By Morgan D.      March 8, 2011 -- 09:19 AM
Something that really worked was wearing pj's. I enjoyed reading to the buddies. It was hard to get the books to read to the buddies. Nothing would make the day better.

By Matthew D.      March 7, 2011 -- 02:49 PM
What went really well was pajama day. I enjoyed reading to my buddie. No problems. Nothing could make Dr. Seuss day even better.