Dr. Seuss Birthday Bash
Doesn't everyone love Dr. Seuss? We do!
Meet you in Seussville!

Click here!


Seuss ville has been updated so spend some time in the new playground where you will find lots of games, book segments to read, and even movies to watch from your favorite books!


Have fun!

By Abigail L.      March 14, 2014 -- 05:52 PM

Suessvilel is very fun.

By natalee c. 4th      March 4, 2014 -- 06:27 PM

I love how Dr Seuss could ryhme things. I never can rhyme.

By Isabella Bazo      February 28, 2013 -- 07:12 PM
Wow I can't wait till tomorrow because it's Dr. Seuss day and I'm in Ms. Lewis' class and we're going to have green eggs and ham and thanks for making this all come true also we're going to be toasty in are PJ's 1 more shout out Thank you for making this come true.

By dayonne j.      February 27, 2013 -- 05:11 PM
i love dr. suess

By alexandre      March 15, 2012 -- 01:35 PM
i like dr. suess

By Kaylin L.      March 13, 2012 -- 01:39 PM
I like to wear PJs.

By Myles Ferguson      March 13, 2012 -- 11:14 AM

This was my first time in Seussville.

By alex.m      March 8, 2012 -- 01:27 PM
i liked when we got to wear are pj,s

By olivia liuson      March 8, 2012 -- 10:09 AM
Dear Lorax,
I am helping the world by starting to compost at home.

By Anshita L.      March 6, 2012 -- 11:41 AM
Seussville is altra mega awsome

By Mia B.      March 6, 2012 -- 11:41 AM
I love the new feeling of SEUSSVILLE!!!!

By leanne c      March 6, 2012 -- 11:28 AM

i like sucessville

By Brandon W.      February 29, 2012 -- 07:35 PM
Seussvile rocks!

By Jamie Pak      September 26, 2011 -- 07:22 PM
I love Seussville!

By Jamie Pak      September 26, 2011 -- 07:20 PM
Seussville is so fun! the games are really fun to!

By grace loudon      March 8, 2011 -- 11:38 AM
I love the new one

By Peri R.      March 8, 2011 -- 11:37 AM
I love the new Suessvill!!!!!!!!!!

By Ryan C.      February 24, 2010 -- 07:43 PM
I love the games!