Dr. Seuss Birthday Bash 2020!
Doesn't everyone love Dr. Seuss? We do!
Birthday Bash 2012

    WOW! Birthday 108 and he’s still GREAT!

We celebrated Dr. Seuss’ birthday.

He would have been 108 years old this year.

He’s no longer with us, but his books live on and on and on!




Take a look at us during Morning Ceremony!

We started everything off singing Green Eggs and ham and taking the Readers Oath....then it was Ready, Set, Read!


This year at Bay Farm we sponsored:

  • Pajama Day and Wacky Tacky Day
  • Buddy Read Alouds
  • Web Conferencing with Henry Haight School and VIPs
  • AUSD schools invited to celebrate virtually with us
  • VIP Read Alouds
  • Seuss Trivia Challenges
  • Wacky Tacky Fashion Show
  • And lot’s of great reading

What do you like best about Dr. Seuss Day?

By Matthew Tri      March 13, 2012 -- 09:10 PM
I love Dr.Seuss Day because we get to read his books.

By hanna      March 13, 2012 -- 01:33 PM
i love reading is silly book that teach me to not cut down trees

By Justin H.      March 13, 2012 -- 11:37 AM
I love all of your Dr.Suess books.Your books are really fun to read,and also what I love on school days and it's your birth day is we get to wear pajammies

By Grace Wasson      March 13, 2012 -- 11:15 AM
I like DR.Seuss day because I get to were jammies to school.

By jacob m      March 13, 2012 -- 11:10 AM
I like the pj part best

By Maikhanh Hoang      March 13, 2012 -- 11:07 AM
What I like best about Dr.Seuss day is when I get to wear pj to school.

By Mia B.      March 13, 2012 -- 11:07 AM
What I like about Dr.Seuss Day is I like reading to my buddies,I like dressing in my p.j.'s too!!!!!!!

By Jason c.      March 13, 2012 -- 10:11 AM
My favorite part of Dr. Seuss Day was to wear pajamas because I get to see my friends in a new way.

By Haylee Nguyen      March 12, 2012 -- 10:26 AM
I like to see everybody in there pj's

By Vanessa lee      March 12, 2012 -- 10:24 AM
I like to see everybody in there pajamas and reading books to buddies! Dr. Seuss Day is the best day of the year!!!!!

By Trevor Spray      March 12, 2012 -- 10:11 AM
I really like Pajama Day and the Wacky Tacky Day runway.

By Jack V.      March 12, 2012 -- 10:11 AM
IT was really fun going to school in pajamas and reading silly books with rhymes on every page.

By Brandon Fong      March 12, 2012 -- 10:11 AM
Dear The Lorax,
I have been good by using both sides of paper and recycling the right stuff like paper and other things. I hope you have a easier time with the trees.

By Justin L.      March 12, 2012 -- 10:09 AM
I like pajama day and Dr.susses day because we got to read books to our buddies.

By dylan yee      March 12, 2012 -- 10:04 AM
i think that seuss day is awesome because wee can waer pjs.

By Evelyn Glick-S      March 10, 2012 -- 07:31 PM
We like to wear what ever we want and have fun.

By Nathan Ma      March 10, 2012 -- 06:20 PM
I like pajama day and reading to our buddies.

By Ka young L.      March 9, 2012 -- 09:07 PM
What I liked about the day on FRIDAY!is when we were our PJ and WT

By By Eden F.      March 8, 2012 -- 08:37 PM
I love Dr. Seuss day because you get to were your pajamas and your buddy reads to you

By quinlanw.s.      March 8, 2012 -- 02:45 PM

I like when we wear pajams.

By josh      March 8, 2012 -- 02:38 PM
i liked wearing our p.j to school

By RonLuo      March 8, 2012 -- 02:34 PM
Mrs,Gordans CLASS likes DR,susss books

By Noel      March 8, 2012 -- 02:33 PM

I like wearing P.Js is fun.

By Nola      March 8, 2012 -- 02:33 PM

I really loved dressing up wacky tacky.

By emily      March 8, 2012 -- 02:29 PM
I like wakytaky runway

By Chelsea      March 8, 2012 -- 01:42 PM
I liked it when we cooked green eggs and ham and I also liked it when I got to eat them.

By mia w.      March 8, 2012 -- 01:41 PM

I liked wearing my pajamas to school and writing to the Lorax on Dr.Seuss’s Birthday.

By Alison Hung      March 8, 2012 -- 01:38 PM
I like Dr Seuss because we got to wear our pajamas to school.

By sonia      March 8, 2012 -- 01:32 PM
I liked when we had green eggs and ham.I also liked the fashion show that was realy fun.

By eamon wlison      March 8, 2012 -- 01:25 PM
I like Dr.Seuss Day.

By ashleyc.      March 8, 2012 -- 01:24 PM
what i like about Dr.Seuss is that you
get to watch the wackytacky fashion show.

By maddie      March 8, 2012 -- 01:17 PM
the best part of dr.seuss day was walking down the allyway.

By hugh s. 201      March 8, 2012 -- 11:33 AM
pajmaday is the best

By cameron      March 8, 2012 -- 10:24 AM
i like every thing about suess day

By kaylee      March 8, 2012 -- 10:09 AM
I like when Dr.Suess makes his words rhyme in the books he makes.when he makes not real words I them.

By justin y      March 8, 2012 -- 10:01 AM
The thing I liked most on dr.seuss day is we got to wear pajamas.

By GABRIEL      March 8, 2012 -- 09:59 AM

What i like about suess day is to play suessville.

By Kyle W.      March 8, 2012 -- 09:58 AM
I like that you get to wear pajamas on Dr. Suess day because you get to see what everybody wears when they sleep.

By Keila M.      March 8, 2012 -- 09:10 AM
My favorite activity I liked the best was when we sang the I Don't Like Green Eggs and Ham.

By Nicholas Funchess      March 7, 2012 -- 05:29 PM
what I like about Dr. Seuss day is that you get to wear pajamas to school.

By Evian Jiang P10      March 7, 2012 -- 04:45 PM
My favorite thing about Dr.Suess day is that we also get to wear pajamas.

By Maddie Wilson      March 7, 2012 -- 02:19 PM
I think that I like pajama day best about Dr. Suess Day

By Mitchell Fong P10      March 6, 2012 -- 04:01 PM
The thing I like best about Dr.Seuss day is that you could wear pajamas.

By lily rausser      March 6, 2012 -- 02:49 PM
What i like best about Dr.suess day is pajama day.

By Abigail Pagila p10      March 6, 2012 -- 02:46 PM

My favoritething about dr.suess is
pajamas and read aloud.

By Jeremy Chen P10      March 6, 2012 -- 02:46 PM

I like wearing pajamas the best on Dr.Suess day!!!

By Andrew Cho      March 6, 2012 -- 02:44 PM
The thing that I like the most about Dr.Seuss day is wearing my Pj's to school.

By Kyle W. P10      March 6, 2012 -- 02:44 PM
My favorite part of Dr.Seuss day is pajama day and reading activities with our buddies. I also liked wacky tacky day on the same day.

By Kaylin Lee      March 6, 2012 -- 01:41 PM
What I like best about Dr.Seuss day is wearing your PJ.

By Sophia Cowan 302      March 6, 2012 -- 01:36 PM
The thing I liked best about Dr.Suess day is how we just get to sit around in our pajamas and read funny books about ironic, random, hilarious things!!

By justin coley      March 6, 2012 -- 01:32 PM
What I like about Dr.Seuss day is the buddy read aloud because you get to read books by Dr.Seuss you've never read before.

By Jackson Diaz      March 6, 2012 -- 01:31 PM
My favroite part about Dr.Seuss day was coming to school in our pajamas.

By Emily L.      March 6, 2012 -- 01:30 PM
My favorite part of Dr. Suess day is pajama day because my pjs are so soft and comfy.

By Jordan L      March 6, 2012 -- 01:28 PM
What I like best about Dr. Suess Day is that we get to wear pajamas and we don't have to get changed in the morning!

By Maikhanh Hoang      March 6, 2012 -- 11:33 AM
Dear the Lorax,I know how to help the tree.I can stop littering and pick up trash if they forget.And I will not use that much plactic and I will recycle more.

By Audrey T.      March 6, 2012 -- 11:31 AM
Dear Lorax, I will use both sides of paper
when I write so I do not waste paper.

By Kory choy      March 6, 2012 -- 09:55 AM
What I like about Dr. Seuss Day is that you get to wear your pajamas to school.I like this because I don't have to change clothes in the morning.

By Mr. Nettles' class      February 29, 2012 -- 01:10 PM
Mr. Nettles' class likes Dr. Seuss Day too! We like the nonsense words he uses.We know he is famous for his many books. We also love his funny movies. We especially like to wear our jammies while we celebrate his birthday!

By Ms. Kuttners' first grade      February 29, 2012 -- 11:20 AM
Ms. Kuttners' class likes the silly rhymes of Dr. Seuss.He makes up funny words for us to say and read. Dr. Seuss makes books that are fun while we are learning to read! His characters are always super funny. We all love to wear jammies to school too!

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