Dr. Seuss Birthday Bash
Doesn't everyone love Dr. Seuss? We do!
Choose your books for the Read Aloud here!

3-4-5-6 Buddy Readers....Choose your books to read aloud

Each class who is reading aloud to others can borrow books they’d like to read aloud to their Buddy class.


1. Come by the Media Center on your way to read.

2 .Check out the titles available in our special Seussical Collection Basket at the front door.

3. Sign your name, room, the title you are borrowing, and the barcode #

4. Have a great time reading to your buddy

5. Drop the book back in the basket and check off your name

You can always bring your favorites from home to read aloud too!

Read ALoud SLides 1

Read ALoud SLides 2


Here are titles (many with multiple copies) we have available from our library shelves for you to borrow on temporary checkout Dr. Seuss Day...


You can check them out again from the Media Center after Dr. Seuss birthday Bash and they are no longer reserved for the Read Aloud...Come and get them!








Buddy Classes.....


On the day a basket of Seuss books will be available for temporary checkout from the Library. Just sign up and signout then return the book to the basket when you are finished for the next buddies to borrow!