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Letters to the Lorax from 2013



Long before saving the earth became a global concern, Dr. Seuss, speaking through his character the Lorax, warned against mindless progress and the danger it poses to the earth’s natural beauty and resources.

"The big, colorful pictures and the fun images, word plays and rhymes make this an amusing exposition of the ecology crisis."—School Library Journal.


We have to help the Lorax save the earth!


Write a letter and tell him how you will help him.


Copy your letter into the comment box below and we will publish your letter here.


We can do this! We can make a difference!

By Daisy Williams      March 14, 2013 -- 10:23 AM
Dear Mr.Lorax,please help the weather change because people are getting sick.

By Alison      March 14, 2013 -- 10:04 AM
Dear Lorax, I will help the environment by using reusable bags so,I do not have to use plastic bags.I will use reusable containers too.

By Madison      March 14, 2013 -- 10:02 AM

Dear Lorax, I will the help the environment by recycling however I can.

By From,Annika      March 14, 2013 -- 09:59 AM
Dear Lorax, I help the environment by using reusable bags whenever I go to the store.

By carlos      March 14, 2013 -- 09:49 AM
I will help the trees

By Emily      March 14, 2013 -- 09:48 AM
Dear Lorax,just to let you know i have been picking up trash from the park,playground,and beach Sincerely,Emily

By Sadie      March 14, 2013 -- 09:42 AM
Dear Lorax,
I have been bringing non-plastick lunch boxes to school.

By victoria M      March 14, 2013 -- 09:42 AM
dear Lorax, I have never littered and I sometimes I see trash somewhere and i pick it up so we can save are inviorment. sincerely, victoria

By ashleyc.      March 14, 2013 -- 09:42 AM
dear lorax,
i will help save the earth by using less
paper everywhere.



By Leanne C      March 11, 2013 -- 12:56 PM

Dear Lorax
I have been making the world a better place. Sometimes on weekends my dad and I go to 5 different beaches to clean up. Me and my dad can make a difference.

Ps if you give out rewards make mine special!



I'm sure the Lorax is extremely proud of the hard work you and your dad are doing to keep our beaches clean! Wow! Ms. Clement

By Kory c.      March 4, 2013 -- 01:45 PM
Dear Lorax, I recycle everything that is recyclable and put no plastic in the green bin.

By Dana C.      March 4, 2013 -- 01:41 PM
Dear Lorax,
I have a very green thumb. For example my dad and I have been working very hard on making our garden a very green place.
I also have been working on taking shorter showers, recycling, reusing water bottles, but the thing I am most proud of are using less technology. I have been watching less T.V. And been playing less on my Kindle Fire.

By Ronan Johns      February 28, 2013 -- 08:57 PM
Dear Lorax,

I help to take care of the environment because I pick up trash all the time. For example, once I saw four pieces of trash laying on the ground and that no one had picked up, but I did! I also always walk or ride my bike to school. I hope that I make you proud.

Ronan Johns

By Daniela p      February 28, 2013 -- 08:43 PM

Dear Lorax

I Love the book and I Love nature too, but my favorite is the tree.

By Maia Johns      February 28, 2013 -- 08:37 PM
Dear Lorax

I will take care of the earth, and pick up trash.

By reni l      February 28, 2013 -- 07:08 PM

My family never litters.

By Christopher W.      February 28, 2013 -- 05:39 PM

Dear lorax,

I will turn off my lights when I am out of my room and when it is sunny outside when I am playing in my room to help save the planet.

By Blythe W      February 27, 2013 -- 03:29 PM

I will not use lights in my room on sunny days or electricty and I will recycle.

By Kyle C      February 27, 2013 -- 01:44 PM
Dear Lorax,
I save the world by recycling and composting.

By Josh Moleiro      February 27, 2013 -- 01:44 PM

Dear Lorax,
What I do to help the world is turning off the light
When I don’t need it.

By Ellie Hiigel:)      March 20, 2012 -- 09:02 AM

Dear, Lorax
I have been thinking about different ways to help the environment.
I have thought of a few they are...
Recycling paper instead of throwing it away,riding my scooter to school even if it is raining,and helping my garden teacher during my free time.
These are some of my ways to help the enviornment.
Your friend Ellie Hiigel :):):):):):)

By Myles Ferguson      March 13, 2012 -- 11:08 AM
Dear Lorax, I can help you by growing plants, close the door, and turn the lights off.

By Jenna kim      March 13, 2012 -- 10:03 AM
Dear Lorax,I just want you to know I always pick up trash wherever I go.I also take short showers.

By sidney      March 13, 2012 -- 10:03 AM

Dear Lorax,
I want you to know that I recycle at home.I recycle bottles and paper at home.

By Mikah F.      March 12, 2012 -- 05:00 PM
Dear Lorax, I help you by throwing out trash at the park across my street almost every afternoon!

By Evelyn Glick-S      March 10, 2012 -- 07:19 PM

Dear lorax,
I help by using reusable bags when we go shopping. I also help by using less papper. By Evelyn Glick-S

By Nathan Ma      March 10, 2012 -- 06:23 PM
Dear Lorax,
I help the environment by helping my family recycle.

By Ka young L.      March 9, 2012 -- 09:12 PM

Dear Lorax,
I saw the movie of you.
I was feeling very bad when the guy cut down the trees.I plant on my back yard, its’s called the Lemon tree. So when I grow I’ll never ever pick something or cut down.

From your friend

By Mr. Nettles' class      February 29, 2012 -- 01:24 PM
Dear Lorax,
Mr. Nettles' class wants you to know that we don't throw our trash on the ground. We recycle our trash and compost our leftovers. 21 students in our class bring food containers that we bring back and forth to school!

By Ms. Kuttner's first grade      February 29, 2012 -- 11:30 AM
Dear Lorax,
We take care of our school very well and we take care of the plants around our school too. We love you Lorax! You should come to our school and watch how we reduce our lunch waste by composting and recycling. We are keeping the world safe. We saw in the movie how you were trying to stop cutting the trees to make money and stop polluting the air. We are not polluting the air at Bay Farm. We try not to litter our trash and we are trying to have zero waste at lunch.

By Erik Wolfl      February 28, 2012 -- 10:26 AM
Dear Lorax,

I pick up trash to help the environment and help trees grow.I always try to find trash every where I go.I hope it helps!

Erik Wolfl

By Derek      February 28, 2012 -- 10:16 AM
Dear Lorax,
Just to let you know I have been bringing my own non-plastick bags to Safeway,Cosco,and Trader Joe's and e.t.c.


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