Career Course
An introductory business skills training for Mercy High School Senior English students

Before you get a job, your job is to impress employers enough so that they will hire you.  And the first impression you make with a prospective employers is based on your appearance.  If you show up to an interview carelessly groomed, a potential employer may assume you are careless about other things.  He or she may think you lack initiative, may need close supervision, or may not be a good employee.

Dress to project the image you want the employer to receive.  If a position requires maturity, donít dress like a college student going to class.  Let your clothes reflect your knowledge of the type of job which you are applying.

Employers may judge your appearance as a reflection of your total personality, but also in relation to the type of work you will be doing.  There are various standards of dress, each valid for different kinds of jobs.  For instance, some employers hiring workers to unload cartons and boxes in a warehouse, many not want to hire the person who looks "too dressed up".  On the other hand, avoid wearing overalls or blue jeans if youíre applying for an office or sales position; you may be giving the impression that you desire a laboring job.

Prior to your interview, you most likely will learn about the company for which you hope to work.  This is a good time to get an idea of the appropriate attire there.  If you dress as the other employees do, you will give the interviewer the impression you likely will "fit in".  Here are some tips to assist you:

  • Wear clean clothing
  • Clothes should be pressed and neat-looking
  • Shoes should be shined
  • Donít let your clothes be the only thing the interviewer remembers before your name

Click the closet to view sample attire.

Your appearance may also affect how your feel about yourself.  Knowing that your appearance is good may give you added confidence in yourself-- and self-confidence is essential if you are going to make a good first impression.

Here are some tips to assist you:

  • Hair should be neatly combed or appropriately arranged
  • Be clean-shaven or trimmed, or use fresh make-up
  • Face, hands, and fingernails should be clean
  • Get plenty of rest the night before so you donít appear sluggish