Earth Day 2020
What will you do to save the Earth?
Earth Week 2020

Bay Farm Keeping it Green in 2020



In 2016 we won the National Green Ribbon Award....and we are still keeping it Green at Bay Farm!



Join in the activities this week to show what you know and share with others how we can continue to make a difference to save the Earth!


Here's how you can help this week and every week!




 1. When we are back at school try to walk or roll to school every day because we are trying to make a difference in our environment by doing this as often as we can!  


2. Eat a zero waste snack and lunch every day to see how much waste we can reduce from the landfill. 


3. Wear Earth Colors during the week to honor and celebrate our natural resources for Earth Day, April 22!            


4. Watch and listen to stories and videos about earth conservation! 


5. Read and Learn something you didn’t know before about conservation, climate change, or appreciation of our limited natural resources. Share your new knowledge with a friend and your family. then post it on our Padlet Wall


6. Use this website to have fun while you learn about ways that you and your family can help protect the earth not just this week, but every week! 


7. Take the Earth Day Pledge and  tell your family and friends how you make a difference at home!


8. Take the Earth Week Survey to see what kind of a difference we make together!

Compare past surveys to see if we are doing better at saving the Earth!


9Dress up and jhave a Trashion Fashion Show at home.