Earth Day 2020
What will you do to save the Earth?
Earth Day Pledge

Take the Earth Day Pledge...

then share how you and your family plan to make a difference!



I pledge

To do my best

To protect the environment

And our global community.


I pledge

To recycle, reduce, and reuse

So that my home

My neighborhood

My city

My country

And the world

Will be a better place to live in

When future generations

Walk the Earth.


I will do my best

To protect the land

The water

And the air

So that all of nature

Can thrive.

It starts today....

With this pledge.

And I promise

To do something today

And everyday

To make the world

A greener place

To live.

Happy Earth Day!

By Brandon Chu P      May 10, 2013 -- 08:30 PM
my family plans to recycle plastic water bottles.

By Isabella B      May 1, 2013 -- 08:36 PM
Toss it baby. I love to recycle and I'm really surprised what happens to the cans that you can recycle it's coooooooooooool.

By Kaitlyn Huang      April 24, 2013 -- 07:36 PM

I love recycling!

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