Earth Day 2017
What will you do to save the Earth?
Online Video


Here you will learn more about Global Warming, other threats to our environment, and specific things you can do to make a difference. This information will better prepare you to take the pledge to help save the Earth!

Use your Pocket Planner to respond to important talking points for each video listed below and note any questions the information has generated for you.

Be thinking about what you might pledge to do to make a difference. We will be using a Pledge blog to record everyone’s pledge at the end of the project!

Video 1: Circling the Globe for Earth Day

Video 2: 6 Continents and 6 Earth Day Challenges

Video 3: Earth Day 2007

Video 4: My Life in Garbage

Video 5: Earth Day Awareness, Our Carbon Footprint

Submit a comment about something you learned that made an impact on you.

By connor.L 4TH GRADE      April 17, 2012 -- 02:40 PM

Did you know that over 1,000,000 plastic water bottles went around the earth 3 times so use reuseable water bottles instead

By Alex M. 4th grade      April 17, 2012 -- 02:37 PM

I think that everybody can stop polluting and littering, big or small. Because if everybody stops polluting and littering that floating pile of garbage in the middle of the Pacific will cease to exist

By Ben B 3rd grade      April 17, 2012 -- 10:03 AM
Did you know that today, there is a gigantic floating garbage field in the ocean, and it is south of Hawaii. This garbage field is twice the size of Texas.Texas is the second largest state in the USA. Look at how much more garbage is in our ocean since the movie, My Life in Garbage was made.

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