Lions, Tigers, and Bears, Oh My!!
An Investigation into Animals

   Are you ready to take the journey?

STEP 1: Get data sheet and map from your teacher.   Data sheet        

STEP 2: Collect and record data for each animal you choose by clicking on the continent links below.

Make sure to get your animal approved by your teacher before collecting data.

STEP 3: Record the location of your animal on the map by coloring in the country and creating a key. 

Click on one of the websites below to get started.

Nature History 

Smithsonian National Zoo

National Geographic for Kids


Click on the websites below for additional information.

Continent Animal Links

 North America



 South America



Australia Site  1                   

Australia Site  2                   



Africa Site 1 

Africa Site 2                        







Europe Site 1                            

Europe Site 2                 

Europe Site 3



Asia Site 1                     

Asia Site 2                             

STEP 4: Gather your data to determine what information to include in your Safari Guide.

             Your Safari Guide must include:

        1. A picture of the animal

          2. Facts from data collection sheet

                 3. Fun or interesting facts to inform or entertain the audience

STEP 5:  Design presentation slides using Pixie 2 software.