Add Captions to Your Web Videos
Using the Web 2.0 App CAPTIONTUBE to Add Captions to You Web Videos

The web has become very popular in our daily lives.  On the web, we interact/collaborate, get information, research, study, watch videos, use applications and do many other activities. Watching videos on the web has become extremely popular. Many of us have upload videos to the Internet but there is a high rate of web videos without captions.  In this workshop, you will learn to add captions to a web video using Caption Tube.


Primary Audience: This workshop was designed for adults involved in the educational field - teachers, students and administrators.

Secondary Audience: anyone who wants to add captions to web videos.  This workshop will be publish to the web and it will be available for free for all

The following videos are a couple samples of videos captioned via the CaptionTube website: