Technology Integration for Educators Professional Development
A Workshop Series
Are you interested in providing your teachers with innovative yet purposeful technologies tools to support their classroom curriculum?   If so, then the Technology Integration for Educators Professional Development Series is for your school!

Your class will take part in an eight part technology integration workshop series that will provide useful, hands-on, curriculum driven professional development at your school site to support reading, writing, listening and speaking skills all tied into the classroom curriculum.  Between training sessions, teachers will be coached by professional development staff as they integrate the technology tools in their classroom.

At the end of the workshop series, learners will:
  • Identify educational theory that supports technology integration
  • Create an online personal learning environment (PLE) for their classroom
  • Implement the use of the PLE within their classroom.
  • Apply the use of the following technologies with their students:
    • Blogging
    • Avatars
    • Videos
    • Cartoon creation
  • Apply management techniques for technology integration with their students
The Technology Integration for Educators Workshop series is an all inclusion professional development that provides training and coaching support to your school site between training sessions so that teachers can maximize their integration and studentsí learning opportunities.