A Collection of Featured Projects
make a difference

Dare Mighty Things

by Pam Lowe

We can change the world, you and I, one good deed at a time.  We can make positive changes that help others; making the world a better place. Let us dare mighty things!  We can help others while beginning with ourselves. To find ways to do this check out the project.

Exploring the Earth’s Bioshpere

by Kelly Dessel and Cynthia Chandler

Explore biospheres with a scientific eye. This webquest will provide an exciting look into this big ball covered with life we call Earth. What are the properties that make something living versus non living? The extent of the Earth’s biosphere is outlined.  The factors that affect the biosphere here on Earth are discussed.  What is a Biome?  How do they relate to the Earth’s biospheres?

ePorfolio Students Create ePortfolios
by Melissa Taylor-Salvador

Students select a collection of their projects and reflect on what they have learned about the topics and their own learning styles. There are many important things to consider when completing an eportfolio such as audience, purpose, and content. It is essential to have a clear purpose when completing an eportfolio and to have evidence to support every piece. 
Transcontinental Railroad: The Challenge of Bridging a Continent
by Jennifer Carroll
This site incorporates essential topics relating to the construction of the Transcontinental Railroad. It examines the people involved with the planning and construction of the railroad that connected the western states with the East. Students will also explore the hardships of crossing the Sierra Nevadas and Great Basin by rail. At the time of the Industrial Revolution, these challenges  seemed possible to overcome in a time of rapidly expanding technology.
Exploring the Stock Market - Investing for Fifth Graders
by Barney Desroches 
Fifth grade students explore the world of the stock market and simple investing and graphing.  Students begin by learning basic stock market concepts, terms, and the impact the stock market can have for individuals and society.  Will student investments increase in value?  Lose value? Lets learn how profit, loss, and risk affect our financial futures.
The Lewis and Clark Expedition
by Todd Jacobson and Katy Colt
Lewis and Clark led the Corps of Discovery on an extaordinary adventure to find a water route to the Pacific and explore the uncharted West. 
Our fourth grade classes researched and studied all aspects of the expedition and synthesized their knowledge by creating a podcast for each leg of the journey. Follow the journey through the voices of today’s youth.
Mrs. Drummond’s Class
by Angela Johnson-Drummond
Mrs. Drummonds is a fifth grade teacher at Mulholland Elementary. This site is one of the projects that won our October contest. The richness of this class site is the amount of information that is available for her students, other teachers, parents, the My eCoach community, and others on the Internet. Students have a place to go to find information, understand what is expected of them, and even tips for doing their own research.
Winter Olympics 2010
by Roxanne Clement
Students work together using online technology to watch, read about, and share what they know and what they learn about their favorite events and athletes.
Awesome Astonishing Amazing Alliterations
by Angela Johnson-Drummond and Regina Larsen
Working collaboratively, students contribute a single clip to a class movie by writing an alliterative sentence and creating an illustration that portrays and supports their writing.

Wild & Wacky Weather
by a team of teachers in Clearwater, Florida
Elementary and Middle School students work together to explore different aspects of weather that effect our environment. At the 5th grade level the focus is on Hurricanes. At the 6th grade level the focus is on the causes and effects of natural disasters.

What Can We Learn About Endangered Animals?

by Roxanne Clement

Third grade classes build collective intelligence by rearching animals and actively sharing all they learned in a Knowledge Building Center that helps them learn together about how their research overlaps, similarities and differences. Uses Wallwisher, VoiceThread & video.



Popping Poetry

by Angela Johnson-Drummond and Cynthia Melendez

Calling all Amazing, Creative, Enthusiastic, Rhymers! A journey that includes learning about four types of poetry: Acrostic Cinquain Epitaph Rhyme Royal. The authors share examples of each type of poetry along with different tools to create the poem and publish on the web.

  International Dot Day

by Roxanne Clement

Find out how one school is helping to celebrate this unique event by encouraging students to "Make their Mark" and make a difference using the interactive SmartBoard version of Peter Reynolds’ inspiring book, The Dot.
  Magnets and Us
Chrisiane Brossi
This site will guide you in a scientific exploration of magnets, magnetic fields, electromagnets and their relation to our everyday lives. It examines activities, facts, fiction, and internet links to sites that will enrich your knowledge.
  The Art of Optical Illusion
by Frank Ashford

Let this site impress upon your third-graders the many faces of optical illusion.  Here, they will see visions to confound and surprise their eyes.  Overall the project draws the students along on the journey to journaling.  Through initially guiding the process, the lessons scaffold the writers into information collection and review.  Later children complete explorations of various topics in concrete areas (Octopuses, Outer Space, M.C. Escher, and fractals) that integrate alternate subject material. 

  Learning from Multicultural Friends
by Doreen Toofer
Fifth grade students will explore, through an interdisciplinary approach, multicultural people in the United States. They will explore their own backgrounds, learn about some struggles groups have had here in the US, listen to a speaker and present a culture, learn about famous multicultural individuals, perform culture through visual and performing arts activities, and finally create a "Portrait Poem."
 famous people

Famous People of Today and Yesterday

by Lisa Price

Who are our heroes? How do these views change over time? Guide tudents to explore heroes of our past as was well as modern day heroes. Invididually and in groups, students choose famous people to learn about, conduct research, and present their findings to the class.



by Roxanne Clement

Follow along with them as Bay Farm elementary students learn the history of the games, become reporters, add daily comments after watching the games and more.....


Hide and Seek: The Science of Animal Camouflage. by Laurie Cawthorn

This project guides the students to read, write and use internet resources in order to understand animal camouflage. The lessons include science blocks for two days, one in the classroom and the second one in the computer lab.


Mrs. Henderson’s Third Grade Learning Center

by Marne Henderson

See how one teacher uses technology to share how her students are learning and growing together. She features student work, learning activity links, Common Core standards assessment, video lessons and more.


Space: Is There Life Beyond Earth?

by Vincent Trapano, Heather Garvin, Mrs. Stacey Pellerin-VanderLoop,   Heather Rudolph, George Fatolitis, Celeste Roche, Cynthia Melendez, Steven Reynolds, Patrick Macaraeg  

3rd and 8th grade students learn under which circumstances human beings would need to leave Earth. In order to find a new planet on which to live, they then study what sustains human life as we know it today; oxygen, water, sunlight, nutrients, and shelter.

 Dreamcatcher Art Lesson

 by Shardie Thomas and Barbara Bray

This online resource for students combines Native American history with art and writing and more specifically Dream Catchers. Lessons focus on learning about the Chippewa tribe and other Native American tribes. Students then learn to create their own dream catcher, with an accompanying written element in the form of a blog post.


Global Project Based Learning Resource List

by Linda Ullah

The Resource list is an ongoing compilation written for teachers who are planning a multi-cultural curriculum and for teachers who are planning multi-classroom or projects with classrooms in other schools, states, and countries. The list will be updated from time to time so bookmark it for handy reference!


Celebrating Me!

by Heather Wilson Duncan  

Self Exploration through art, journaling, poetry and blogging designed for students in grades 3-6. It begins with a study of famous artists’ self portraits and ending with an exploration of students themselves as individuals by creating and writing about their own self portraits.

Recorder Karate

By Penni Aufderheide and Cynthia Chandler

Features a method that focuses on teaching elementary students how to play the recorder in an innovative way.


Thanksgiving Holiday Resources for K-8 Teacher: Including Celebrations Around the World and Ways to Give Back.

By Charlotte McGovern

Classroom Zen

by Michael Wilson

Shows how to create a calm, positive, yet energizing classroom environment using the Zen philosophy.


Multicultural Activities

by Celest Roche

Our classrooms are filled with children from around the world with many different experiences. This project helps educators take these diverse backgrounds and link them to the content areas. 

Pursuing Pablo Picasso

by Laurel Stolfis

An informational and multimedia presentation, designed for 3rd graders, on the life and art of this great artist with many faces. Common Core State Standards for ELA Literacy are addressed.


Earth Day 2015

by Roxanne Clement

Earth Day activities from one school's week of caring for the planet can be applied any week of the year.

Reading Raves

by Gina Reif

Takes book sharing and book reporting to a whole new level. Students will be instructed on how to use web and digital tools as part of library instruction with the goal of creating high impact book reviews and recommendations for one another.


Hour of Code 2015

By Roxanne Clement


This digital learning space was developed to assist students and teachers navigate through the multitude of activities and projects published on the official Hour of Code Website. 


Are You Ready for the Big One?

by Sala Terrace

Meant to encourage elementary school kids to become more aware of their disaster preparedness needs. The approach is done in a fun and interactive manner so students are less fearful of what disasters bring to mind.



Fitness/Nutrition for Everyone

by Marco Mendez

Designed to help elementary level students explore, on their own, the benefits of nutrition and physical fitness. Games and fun activities are included.

Need ideas for managing differentiated instruction? This project, Ensuring Success for all Children, will give you background and ideas for successful implementation. Check it out!

 By Amy Desormeaux


Mrs. Drummond's Class

by Angela Johnson-Drummond
Check out this teacher's fifth grade website full of basic information as well as many resources for students to use while working on assignments at school or at home.

Mrs. Blanton's Class

by Donna Blanton
from a 4th grade teacher in Florida. She uses her website to communicate with parents, post student work, suggest sites to use for working at home with your child and much more.

New Year Resolutions

by Roxanne Clement

Check out how students in one K-8 school learn about New Year's resolutions: how to take care of themselves, their families and do something to make the world a better place in the coming New Year.



by Roxanne Clement

Watch the videos about Martin Luther King to learn more about his background, his call to action, and how he changed civil rights for all history.

The Cell Site

by Janie Everett 
Everything you need to know about plant and animal cells with free resources and several assessment activities


Earth Day 2017

by Roxanne Clement

Find engaging ideas and activities to help your students become stewards of the earth they are inheriting.


Music Education...Developing the Whole Person.

by Andi Flores and Barbara Bray

Learn how elementary students show how their 4-5 choir enhances the educational environment for all.

Digital Citizenship AUP: License to Drive

by Roxanne Clement

Designed to show elementary school students how to safely manage their digital footprint on the Internet. They will learn about, agree to, sign, and then follow their school's Technology Acceptable Use Policy. Full of valuable information for teachers on any grade level interested in helping students learn about safety on the Internet.

Murals in the Mission

by Shannon G.

Shows how murals influence and effect both the viewer and the community. Themes of each mural are explored through historical readings and expository writings.


Chemical Reactions and Equations

by Charlene Guss

Takes the complexity of things like balancing chemical equations and exothermic reactions and makes them understable and fun for kids.

Traveling from the Classroom

Kiersten De La Luz

Maybe your school doesn't have the funds to provide the experiences you wish your students could obtain. Check out this fun and entertaining project.