A Collection of Featured Projects
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Yelp.com Isn’t Designed for Kids

by Michelle G. Lee

Authentic Writing with a Web 2.0 Twist In this project students design their own version of Yelp.com, from the layout of the website, to the reviews!

Barista Basics for the Average Joe.

There is a trick to creating perfect foam and sweet milk that compliments those roasty sweet shots of espresso. You will embark on a coffee adventure to soon become a showman barista and learn some interesting coffee facts along the way!

Mad, Bad and Dangerous to Know

by Trish Ledoux

Who was Lord Byron? Despite a congential deformity (a clubfoot) or perhaps because of it, George Gordon, Lord Byron, was a man among men -- a poet, an athlete, a political activist, a lover, a keeper of a pet bear. Was one day in his life, as some have said, equal to the year in the lives of lesser men, or ought we instead take the man as he was, flaws and all, as passionate about his writing as he was about his eternally scandalous love life?

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Learn About Lobbying

by Jess Spencer

In this project students will learn how to use authoritative open-access resources to find information about lobbying and campaign finance.

Strides Toward Equality
by John Wiesendanger
This project covers the phase of the Civil Rights Movement between 1954 and 1968, particularly in the South. By 1966, the emergence of the Black Power Movement, which lasted roughly from 1966 to 1975, enlarged the aims of the Civil Rights Movement to include racial dignity, economic and political self-sufficiency, and freedom from oppression by whites.

High-Tech Schools: The 21st Century Classroom
by Jamil Bey
This project will allow viewers and participants to examine and evaluate the resources of current high tech classrooms and determine if these classrooms are producing better problem solvers than the regular classroom. If so, how do these classrooms empower students to use critical thinking skills? Participants will have the opportunity to rate existing high-tech schools and blog about their rationale as well as suggestions for future schools.
Murals in the Mission
by Shannon Garrity
This website will coincide with our unit on communication through murals.  Our class will analyze images, symbols, and messages embodied in three murals located in the Mission district of San Francisco.  We will disect the theme of each mural, garnering schema through reading historical as well as expository writing on the theme and significance of the mural.  Our class will also draw conclusions about how the images in the murals communicate to and influence the viewer and community.


by Lawrence Montgomery

Learn how one high school art teacher communicates with his students and parents. This project presents his arts curriculum and opens up an arts dialogue with links to his units of instruction. Includes links to virtual museums and galleries around the world. This project is updated throughout the school year.

Getting Grounded in Geocaching

by Tim Clifton

Welcome to the WONDERFUL world of geocaching! This site, is for teachers who might want to include geocaching and related GPS technology into their classrooms, and anyone who would like to include tech tools into their lives that do more than keep you sitting at a desk. Geocaching truly opens up the world to the learner!

Spanish I

by Profe Vargas

Learning through a communicative approach. The goal of this teacher’s class inis to enable students to master the basic skills of SPEAKING, READING AND WRITING Spanish through daily practice consisting of intense listening, repeating and communication activities that are done with a classmate or in groups.

The Holocaust Debate

Joshua Berkstresser

The purpose of this project is to try and create a simple and concise explantion of the historical dilmena, when it comes to understanding the Holocaust. How do we present this event? The two theoretical approaches to studying the Holocaust: Intentionalist and Functionalist will be presented with the aid of some visuals and a powerpoint.

Coaching: Inspiration and Motivation

Learn how one high school teacher goes beyond academics to encourage and motivate his students to succeed in life under the very challenging circumstances they often face. Ones that can take them off track and hinder progress.


Copyright, Right?

by Susan Fries

This is an overview of copyright information that is essential for all high school students to know. It explores the basics of copyright including terminology/vocabulary, case studies and concepts. Common Core standards are included.


Volume of Solids

This project explores the many different solid shapes found in the real world. Students will gain a better understanding of the meaning of volume by exploring each shape and manipulating dimensions to see what happens. Lots of instructional videos included!


Reference & Citation Style Guide

For anyone who needs information to assist them in citing MLA resources in a research paper. In addition to basic citation format information, many learning objects are included in various formats to address different learning styles.

Oak Grove World Language Collaborations

by Marcelo Leal

Creates a professional learning community that focuses on sharing best practices, creating common assessments, and creating a web page with common assessments for the four modalities, writing, speaking, reading and listening.

Moving to Adulthood: Resources for Me!,

by Deidra Bowen

Presents tools and resources for moving beyond high school and transitioning into adulthood. The underlying message is "The road to the future can lead to exciting opportunities!"


UAMedia Online

by Paulo Fonseca Jr.

This art teacher inpires students with his online media classes. The project online visual media course is awesome!


Distance Learning with a Twist

by Christian Nguyen

This project focuses on teaching a Drawing & Painting lesson at a hybrid or virtual school. The author uses the asynchronous method of instructional delivery so students 9th-12th can access content information at their own time, pace, and anywhere in the world using Internet access.


Trace A Face with Inkscape 

by Joshua Redin and Barbara Bray

This project uses the free, open source graphics program, Inkscape, to show students how to create cartoon characters using their own or someone else’s face from a digital photo.

 To Game or Not to Game

by Diana Havens

Massive Multi-Player Online Role Playing Games (MMORPGs) are a popular type of game among PC gamers. MMORPGs have some inherent qualities that differ from your typical console based game and other non-MMO games on the computer. Learn what every parent should know before letting their child, age 13 or older, play World of Warcraft®   


Global Project Based Learning Resource List

by Linda Ullah

The Resource list is an ongoing compilation written for teachers who are planning a multi-cultural curriculum and for teachers who are planning multi-classroom or projects with classrooms in other schools, states, and countries. The list will be updated from time to time so bookmark it for handy reference!

Art in Math?

by Ashlee Angel

See how students can be inspired to create and reflect in the world of mathematics learning algebra and Geometry through art.


Manet or Monet, Dueling Impressions

By Jay Smithen

See how one creative educator shares his knowledge of these two artists along with key events in 19th century Europe through essays, photos and videos.

Debating - the Art of Sophisticated Arguing

By Daniel Clements

Aims to educate you about what debating is and what real-world benefits it can provide to people of all ages.


Romeo and Juliet vs. American Me

By Barbara Bray

Explores why group confilicts are universal to human society. Students are guided through research, discussion, dialogue, debate, and the creation of character presentations using technology.


Shaking Up Shakespeare,

Scrutinizing Shakespeare with a Feminine Eye!

by Lori Harvey

Aids students in analyzing texts from a feminist perspective, being able to see Shakespeare in a different light, and then apply their knowledge in future analysis.


Free Studies Skills

by My-eCoach Staff

This project is free to you and your students and is full of guides for developing presentations, research papers, science projects and much more.

Color Theory in Art

by Lawrence Montgomery

Students learn the vocabulary, concepts and techniques involved in color theory then explore the science of color and light by going on a Webquest to museums around the world to find examples of the different color relationships artists use in their paintings.

The Basics of Digital Photography

by Ian Lewis

Provides an explanation of the elements of digital photography for high school photo classes. Shutter speed, aperture, and ISO are explained.

There's No Better Time

by Tina Collier

Helps students explore employability skills combined with career and technical skills to gain an edge in finding successful employment.

 Teens Playing Game

Game Room -Integrating Games into the Classroom

by Leland Rost

This project helps us see the need to engage the parts of our minds that are conected with play. By using games in the classroom we can bring play back to education and engage learners. 


Stepping Out of the Pages

by Nadine Richards

Creating Three Dimensional Characters in a Story - shows us how to bring these figures out of our heads and onto the page, then out of the pages and into the reader’s imagination.


Master The Wheel

by Dallas Mickner

This project is for students who wish to become proficient using the potters wheel. Here you will find academic vocabulary, material resources, procedures guides, and methods of assessment for work.

Migrant Ed Program

by Marcelo Leal

Aimed at exposing students to their potential for success. A collection of kid friendly videos motivates students with instructions on job searching, resume writing, and interviewing.


Tools for Getting Things Done 

by Mark Otis

This project is dedicated to exploring technology in learning. Focuses on tools that will helplearniner manage their time, take better notes, manage files and create better presentations.

Digital Media@KIPP

by Paulo Fonseca Jr   

Teaches students to use art and technology as a creative process in communication.  Students explore various methods used to combine words, symbols, and images to create a visual representation of ideas and messages.  

Elements of Plot

by Kristine Gori

How do the elements of plot help the reader better understand the meaning of a short story? This project will add interest and clarity to your students' understanding of this form of literature.

Normal Distribution for New Students

by Kyle Eaton

This high school level project explains how statistical data is established. Students learn to identify a normal distribution from a non-normal distribution. Then learn to calculate a z-score and use tables for interpreting data.


This to That?

by Chris Vaughns
Solving Cable Confusion One Plug at a Time! Have you ever wondered how to connect one device to another but weren't quite sure which cable you needed? Well you've come to the right place.

Andy Warhol Pop Art Project

by Miya Kuromiya

A brief biogaraphy of Andy Warhol along with eaty to follow instructions that motivate and guide students in creating an original piece of pop art.

Did You Come from a Single Celled Organism?

by Ricardo Mora

Is the theory of evolution true or not? Once students have completed the exercises provided it will be up to them to decide if the "Theory of Evolution" is a robust and viable theory.


Air Quality and Your Health

by Katya Millham

This project helps answer questions such as, How does air quality affect human health? Am I at risk?


Digital Storytelling: Through the Eyes of Others

by Sindy Quigley and Cynthia Sistek-Chandler, EdD

Gives teacher and students the opportunity to become active collaborators of meaningful projects by engaging in user friendly 21st Century technology. Suggests creative ways to inspire your students.

Sustainability through Recycling

by Rick Alva

Students explore the topic of recycling beginning with its history, current efforts, what the future may hold, and suggestions on how to improve their own community’s recycling behaviors. As a culminating project, students create a multi-media project highlighting their findings, opinions, and suggestions.


It's a Jungle Out There

by Marianne Neill

Provides great tips for succeeding in the work place and dealing with all types of personalities at work while maintaining a professional demeanor.


Financial Aid 101

by Valerie Ryan

Great resources for students and parents looking for finacial aid to help with college expenses.

Come Cook with Me
By Deborah Buffman


Learn the art of simple and healthy cuisine with all the benefits of a home cooked meal. Bon Appetit!

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Classical, Medieval, or Renaissance? Let's Play the "Ultim-ART" Match Game!,

by Brad Melsby

Shows students how art often reflects the social, political and economic times on a more personal level. Why does that medieval serf appear to look so hopeless? How can you tell the Renaissance merchant has money? This project allows students to analyze a painting and correctly identify its historical period.