A Collection of Featured Projects

Thanksgiving Holiday Traditions

by Charlotte McGovern

As our way of saying Thanks here are some projects and activities for teachers and student to share with all who celebrate this wonderful holiday with them.

Happy Thanksgiving from My eCoach!

Presidents’ Day Resources

by Pam Lowe

Activities, Lessons, Resources, Crafts, Videos and more

to help you celebrate Presidents’ Day


Valentine’s Day Resources

by Pam Lowe

Here you will find:

A History of Valentine’s Day

Arts and Crafts Activities

SmartBoard Valentine’s Lessons

Recipes and Cooking Projects

Videos, Printables and More!

Earth Day Websites

by Janice Friesen

Make an Earthday Pledge!  See what others have pledged!

Find Earthday lesson plans.

Lots of Earthday Ideas (crafts, activities, etc...)

List of Sites for Science Lesson Plans about Earthday

Earthday Grocery Bag Project

 happy cinco de mayo

Cinco de Mayo Resources

by Pam Lowe

Cinco de Mayo is Spanish for "fifth of May".  It commemorates the triumph of a small Mexican army over French forces in an 1862 battle. Although the Mexicans did not win their war, they continued to fight for the next five years before expelling the French in 1867.  It was an inspirational example of how the Mexicans were strong enough to fight against all odds. In the United States the date celebrates the culture of Mexican ancestry.

Black History More Than Just a Month
by Charlotte McGovern
February is Black History Month, a time to feature the lives of black people who succeeded in the face of oppression. Beyond luminaries like Martin Luther King Jr., Ella Fitzgerald and Jackie Robinson lie stories of ordinary black people who succeeded in the face of oppression.
Celebrating December Holidays
by Charlotte McGovern
The month of December is rich in holiday traditions for millions of people around the world. This project is filled with resources to help excite and inspire your students as they enjoy this wonderful time of year. They can learn about their own family traditions as well as those from countries around the globe.

Halloween Resources and More!
by Charlotte McGovern

K-5 level

Halloween resource featuring interactive activities that will keep your students smiling.