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Educational TheoristsInstructional Development Timeline 


The Instructional Development Timeline site offers information and links to key events, people, and developments that relate to Instructional Technology, Development, Theory, Systems, and Design.

Tabs for each decade lead you to information and links to websites about leading theorists, specific events or research, and historical implications for education.


Why did My eCoach create this site?

We created this site after many of the graduate students in teacher education and leadership programs contacted us for research and studies about learning theories and curriculum design.


Who are the authors?

The My eCoach team, Charlotte McGovern and Barbara Bray, designed the site in 2007 and are continually updating the resources based on feedback from readers. Both Charlotte and Barbara have over 40 years of educational experience and expertise. Go to Credits for citations. Leilani Pedroni who worked for My eCoach originally started building the timeline in 2001.