A Collection of Featured Projects


Learning to Blog, Blogging to Learn

by Joseph Trinh

A comprehensive training guide on how to use blogs in higher education. This training begins by focusing on the idea that your goal will be blogging to promote learning. Not only will blogs help students learn through online communication, your teaching styles/methods can be enhanced!

Interactive Lessons for Reading Groups, Read Alouds, etc.
by Celeste Roche

Ideas that will help you motivate students to read and write use technology in a fun way with speaking avatars in Voki, interactive posters with Glogster, talking pictures with Blabberize and music videos with Animoto.

Troops to Teachers

This project provides information regarding the Troops to Teachers program.  Topics of discussion include a brief history of the program, benefits for both schools and veterans, eligibility requirements, academic research regarding the TTT program and media stories about TTT.


Read All About It!

The goal of this project is to provide relevant information to anyone interested in learning more about how eReaders can be effectively integrated into classroom instruction. Embedded videos provide an overview of the current top five eReaders. A bibliography of research articles is also featured with a collection of llinked resources. Please feel free to participate in the eReader Survey!

21st Century

Integrating 21st Century Skills into your Curriculum

This project is a course designed to help educators assure that all students are learning critical 21st Century skills. Participants will examine the skills that business and industry tell us are important for students to learn in order to be successful in the 21st Century



Why is the U.S Falling Behind in the Education Race?

by Ann Wolf

Created for parents, students, teachers, administrators, and government officials who are interested in learning about alternatives to standardized testing. The goal: to compell the reader to contact their Congressman, Senator, local school officials, etc. and help to change American education for the better.


Speech Recognition Technology

by Richard Crobarger

This project illustrates how voice recognition software has evolved since its first introduction along with its implications as an educational resource. SRT can be a tool which helps enhance the educational process for students, student with disabilities, educators, and businesses alike.

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Mobilize Your Life

by Glenda Fikes

Designed to teach you how to manage your life on-the-go, by staying organized and efficient, enhancing productivity and saving time.


Jumping into Technology Integration

by Vitna Bailey

This project is an example of one designed specifically for teachers at an international school but with helpful information on using Google Docs, blogs and more!

Teaching with Love and Logic,

by Nicole Colyer

Outlines the practical tools and techniques that help adults achieve respectful, healthy relationships with their children


by Vance Boulanger

Explores the impact of mobile learning and is intended to be a ’big picture’ introduction to this rapidly growing technology. Designed for educators and instructors focused on the learner.

All Tribe Charter participants 

Taking "ACTION" with 21st Century Learning Skills

by Kathy Sangha

Geared towards K-12 instructors involved in the Native American education. It facilitates critical thinking, artistic expression, core educational standards, and community responsibility while teaching advanced technologies in video and film production.



Providing Excellent Customer Service

by Steven Patrick

Hear it from an experienced, energetic training manager, instructional designer and e-Coach member. Customer service is something that we experience on a daily basis. Learn how the author describes best practices in an authorative as well as entertaining way.

Online Collaboration Via Google Docs

by Brad Nelson

includes a brief introduction to Google Drive and the core suite of Google apps associated with it. Main focus is online collaboration via Google Docs, however, the collaborative tools function similarly for the other apps introduced and can be used for them as well.

How Should Specialist Teachers Use Technology?

by Janice Friesen
Enhance subjects like Art, Music, and PE with technology.

Literature Circles

by Kristine Gori

A web-based tutorial that shows how to use Google Classroom with students completing assignments and showing their understanding of each of the literature roles using an assigned novel. It is full of videos, links and examples.

Classroom Learning Building Blocks

by Jorge Lopez Ruiz and Barbara Bray

intended for educators in Pre-K, Elementary, and Middle School. Shows how Lego products can be used in the classroom. This project can also be used by parents to understand how legos are used for learning in the classroom and how they can introduce building blocks to their children prior to starting school.

The 21st Century Classroom

by Jamil Bey and Barbara Bray

Participants examine and evaluate the resources of current high tech classrooms and determine if they are producing better problem solvers than regular classrooms do.

Evernote Tutorial.

by Maija Hernandez

Will help students easily create a digital binder of class notes, lectures, assignments and more.

Making an Instructional Video

by Seth Daugherty

An overview of how to use Adobe Illustrator, After Effects, Audition, and Premier Pro to create an animated instructional video, and then upload the finished video to YouTube and Vimeo.