Gifted and Talented Education
Identification of GATE Students

Part of ESUHD GATE plan was to continue identifying GATE students throughout their high school career. The goal of this process was to identify GATE students using multiple measures and not to rely solely on test scores. The advocates developed the following criteria to help narrow the list of all students to a subset of potential GATE student candidates.

1)      Initial identification.

a)      CST results at the advance level in (2 points):

i)        Math >425 or,

ii)      English > 400 or,

iii)    Science >400 or,

iv)    Social Science >400 or

b)      GPA > 3.5 (1 point)

c)      Equity Factor of (1point):

i)        English Learners

ii)      Special Ed.

iii)    Free/Reduce lunch

2)      Refinement. Based on these factors, the advocates would further refine the list to identify potential candidates to solicit classroom teacherís input. The advocate would then solicit input from the studentís teacher to further identify whether the student possesses accelerated classroom performance (1 point); demonstrates an advance level of creativity (1point); or exhibits high level of leadership skills (1point). A student should have at least 5 points for consideration.

3)      Identification and tagging in system. Once the students have been identified, the students profile would be brought forth to the GATE advocate meetings for further evaluation and endorsement. The GATE advocates would make the recommendation to classify the students as GATE. The GATE advocates would take the newly classified GATE students to the assistant principal to have the students tagged in the system.