Commitment To Character, R Time, Olweus, CHAMPS, and more... Teacher WebQuest
R Time
R time is a structured program
which uses random pairing to
create an environment supporting
and enhancing attainment, positive
relationships and citizenship.

The goals of the Olweus Bullying Prevention Program
are to reduce existing bullying problems among students,
prevent the development of new bullying problems, and achieve
better peer relations at the school.

This WebQuest has been developed to help teachers and staff access R Time, Olweus, CHAMPS, and other  resources to support a positive and safe learning environment.  Student Council members from Dunedin Elementary School created weekly "commercials" that go along with each R Time theme and aer included in a tab.  Each grade level has their own tab with a month by month description of the activities and resources that correspond with the commercials being aired.  This WebQuest does not take the place of the Teacher Manuals or the planning that will be necessary on the teacher’s part.  It is merely a way to access information electronically.  This WebQuest will also be changing constantly as we have others add lessons, resources, links, etc.