Famous People of Today and Yesterday
Who are our heroes? How do these views change over time?

Students will be exploring heroes of our past was well as modern day heroes. In groups, students will choose famous people they are interested in learning about, conduct research, and present their findings to the class. As the individual portion of this project, students will be focusing on a person of their choice and create a first person biography presentation (in costume) that highlights important and interesting information about that person.


Accademic Rigor:
Students will be learning how to read non-fiction text and how to summarize the information they learned into their own words.  The reading materials will be at a variety of levels, so each child will be challenged.

Adult Connections:
Parents will help students locate research materials and create a costume for their first person biography presentation. The students will create a cereal box about their famous person.  This portion of the project will be completed at home with their families.

Students have the freedom to choose any person from history they would like to research, choose the final product during group work, as well as chose their groups for working on daily work.

Real World Connections:
Students will be looking at the characteristics of heroes and thinking about how they have or can develop these characteristics in their own lives.

Core Understandings: