Complete and Incomplete Sentences
What is the difference?

A sentence is a groups of words that tells what someone or something does.
A sentence always names the one who does the action.
A sentence always tells what the action is.
A sentence begins with a capital letter and ends with an end mark.


         The dog         

     The dog ran after the cat.

  • What two parts does a complete sentence have?
  • What two parts could you look for to make complete sentences easier to identify?

Which is a complete sentence? Why?


         The boy


   The boy ate a lot.

It is important to know the difference between complete and incomplete sentences.
  • It will help you know how to write complete sentences.
  • You will be able to correct sentences that are not complete by identifying what is wrong with them.
What can knowing what a complete sentence help you do? Can it help you correct sentences? Why?

Review the PowerPoint presentation below for review with the following questions in mind:
  • What two parts do you look for to know if it is a complete sentence?
  • Are the longer sentences always the complete sentence?

    [PowerPoint Presentation is from Ms. Caro's class]