Long after the toys of childhood are put away, the gift of music still remains...
Grades K - 2

Course Description

Kindergarten-through-second-grade students are exposed to and develop awareness and understanding of musical concepts through listening, singing, dance, movement, and playing instruments.  Solfege singing (do, re, mi …), iconic and stick notation are used as tools for developing pitch sense and music reading skills.  Greater emphasis is placed on accuracy in pitch matching and imitative rhythm activities as listening skills become more refined. Music classes are integrated with Physical Education classes and taught collaboratively to enhance and support the curriculum. Performance skills are introduced through preparation and presentation of our elementary school’s annual programs.

Course Goals

  • Provide opportunities to develop skills in singing, movement, listening, and playing rhythm instruments.
  • Promote the awareness of musical form through ensemble activities combining songs, games, and instruments.
  • Develop a repertoire of rhythmic and melodic patterns through imitation.
  • Provide opportunities for improvisation through singing and rhythm activities.
  • Provide musical experiences that represent a variety of cultures and styles.
  • Provide opportunities to read basic rhythm and melody patterns on staff.

Course Content

  • Singing games
  • Use of voice – speaking, whispering, singing
  • Imitative rhythm and singing exercises
  • Music notation
  • Rhythm ensemble
  • Dance and movement


  •  Participation and attitude
  •  Understanding and application of concepts
  •  Pitch-matching and singing skills
  •  Rhythmic skills