Project-Based Learning Activities
What does PBL mean to you?
How does PBL impact student learning?

Novel Approach PBL
This site contains project-based learning resources including Web sites, research, books, videos, and project libraries.

Project-based Learning Online
Project-based Learning Online provides guidance on designing projects, access to projects developed by other educators, and research and resources for project-based learning. The site also includes a project-based learning video library. 

Project-based Learning Research Summary
How effective is project-based learning? This research summary compiles the various studies about PBL to examine its impact on student learning.

Put to the Test: Confronting Concerns About Project Learning
Questions abound about the inquiry-based teaching approach. Here are answers, from how to meet standards to how to keep control of the classroom.

Teaching Module: Assessment
The assessment module is for use after completion of a project-based learning module or with participants who are familiar with project-based learning. The module includes parts for guided process and group participation.

Teaching Module: Project-Based Learning
Edutopia’s Project-Based Learning teaching module is divided into two parts. Part I gives an introduction to PBL and answers questions about the process. Part II provides readings and activities for experiential PBL.

Teaching Module: Technology Integration
The technology integration module is useful to help give people a background on technology integration and to help them envision through exploration how to integrate technology into schools and classrooms.

Edutopia Project Learning
This site contains several videos demonstrating the project-based learning approach and why it is important to student learning.

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