Melissa Taylor-Salvador
About Me

In January 2005, I acquired my Bachelor of Arts degree from San Francisco State University in Liberal Studies with emphasis in language, literature, and communication, while attaining a minor in speech and communication.  In May of 2006, I received my Multiple Subject Teaching Credential from San Francisco State University and in 2009 earned my Master of Arts in Education, emphasizing in Instructional Technology from the same university. In addition to a multiple subject credential, I also have a single subject authorization in English Language Arts, a supplementary authorization in Computer Concepts and Applications, and a Single Subject Science Credential in Biology.

            I tought for six years at Allen Elementary School within the San Bruno Park School District.  I am excited to be involved working with a wonderful class of students now with the sixth grade at Parkside Middle School. I taught sixth grade for many years at the elementary level and decided to move with them to a middle school, after our district shifted from a K-6 elementary and 7-8 middle school, to a K-5 elementary and 6-8 middle school. I love teaching my Math and Science core classes at Parkside and am very happy to have moved with the six graders to a middle school environment, mostly, but not limited to, my enthusiasm for the curriculumI enjoy integrating technology into classroom assignments and lessons, additionally having students participate in project-based learning activities.  Therefore, I have held afterschool Robotics and Coding clubs that promote innovative learning and real-world skills.  Our STEAM-driven classroom has many hands-on, innovative projects and flipped classroom qualities.  I value and encourage collaboration and creativity with peers, teaching valuable skills and challenging learners.  Therefore, direct instruction has made way for explorative learning and inquisitive thinking.  Our groups have been nominated for a variety of awards and won first place in the California Student Media Festival in 2009 under Best Use of Interactive Media.  Our school gained further recognition as a distinguished school for education in mathematics, wining the Golden State Ribbon Award in 2015.  Our classroom gained international recognition in 2015 with a visit from SEBRAE-MG teachers from Brazil, sharing international teaching strategies and techniques. After noticing my lessons on their website in 2016, the Office Managers and Product Designers of TES Teach/Blendspace came from the Bay Area and even from the United Kingdom to observe TES Teach/Blendspace in my classroom and how it was used.  My classes have been honored to reach so many organizations and educators. 

            In mathematics, I have created a flipped classroom, student-centered learning environment.  What is a flipped classroom? By sixth grade, I often receive statements from parents regarding their inability to help their students with middle school math.  Even though parents desperately want to help their own children, they lack the ability to help.  Therefore, every year of my teaching I have volunteered my time tutoring my students after school, since so many struggle with the rigorous challenges of complex mathematical concepts.  Last year, I additionally created online tutorials for both students and parents could access to help with practices.  Then, I started researching flipped classrooms and observed their effectiveness.  Instead of assigning homework containing traditional mathematical problems that many of my students receive limited to no support for at home, I created video tutorials supporting their learning, resulting in students taking notes before class and arriving to class with questions and clarifying concepts. The mathematical problem solving happens in class. 

            In science, I develop creative lessons with innovative tools to help students remember important concepts through hands-on, project-based learning and classroom lab experiments.  I embed technology and innovation in every aspect of our learning environment, using diverse resources and scientific games to make important concepts both engaging and memorable.  I try to appeal to all five senses when students are learning. We make drawings, create graphic organizers to organize our thoughts, take detailed notes, read articles, create visuals and presentations, while routinely assessing learning.  I incorporate a diverse approach to teaching science to appeal to various learners.

         In addition to carrying out regular classroom duties, I have served on the Leadership Team, the district’s Curriculum Council, Math Committee, and on the district’s Technology Committee.  Additionally, I have served as Parkside's Math Department Chair consecutively since 2014.  I carry out duties that include setting site plans and goals, review and recommend new curricula, coordinate staff training and development, and assist in writing and revising technology plans.  Furthermore, I actively taught and customized lessons in several after school intervention academies, teaching language arts and mathematics to various grades of students in need of extra support.  Along with training middle schoolers, I also have taught instructional technology classes through the Krause Center of Innovation at Foothill College, training educators on technology integration, skill development, and incorporating innovative tools to promote savvy thinkers.