Mid-Pacific Institute Professional Development
Project Design Brief using a Constructivist Model
Design Brief for your Team Project
Dear Design Team,

As we discussed, a public service announcement (PSA) is a short film or video presentation by a nonprofit organization, which attempts to persuade the audience to take some specific action or adopt a favorable view towards some service, institution, issue, or cause.

Because of your award winning experiences in creative digital storytelling, you have been chosen to participate in an innovation digital design challenge.

Your task is to produce a sixty to ninety-second public service announcement that promotes Mid-Pacific Institute, a premier independent private school. Completing the title below will generate the genre or theme of your PSA:

The (A) (insert theme) of Mid-Pacific Institute

Consider one of the following themes:
Story, Heritage, Day in the Life, History, Students, Mission, Vision, Future, Athletes, Artists, Culture, Diversity, Technology, Connections, Partnerships, Plants, Architecture, Fun Factor, Stewardship, Tour, Benefits, Beauty, Children, Art(s), People, etc. Or your team may brainstorm its own theme, i.e. "Proud to be MPI."

Due to the fact that you are competing with other design firms, MPI has established a 4.00 hour time limit and will provide digital media assets (photos) and all possible equipment for your use at Weinberg Technology Central (Digital Cameras and Camcorders, Scanners, Microphones, Props, Green Screen, etc.). At your discretion, your team may also generate additional genre/theme photos and video clips for use in the project prior to the event date.

Each team will include a facilitator but the following skills and or functions will need to be defined and assigned to team members; storyboard artist, research specialist, script writer, narrator, audio technician, media asset manager, director, production manager, editor, and executive producer. Once the roles are understood your team will need to discuss the software tools (iMovie’09, Keynote, GarageBand) and assess levels of team member expertise and determine skills that will need to be learned. Technology support personnel will staff Technology Central and will also float between teams to answer questions and assist with technical issues. During the event help can be requested by calling 3793.

At the end of the activity, teams will pair with another team to view each other’s PSA and discuss the following:
♣    From your perspective as a student learner, what made the process personally meaningful?
♣    From your perspective as a teacher facilitator, how does this project fulfill an educational purpose?

Prior to your return to Bakken Auditorium, select a team spokesperson that will share the key points from the above discussion prompts.

Wishing you success and fun!

Mid-Pacific Institute of Media Design: Entrepreneurial Division

PSA Challenge for PD 2010 (docx)