Mid-Pacific Institute Professional Development
Project Design Brief using a Constructivist Model
PSA Assessment Rubric

Public Service Announcement (PSA) Rubric









Intent of PSA

Evidence of intentional or unintentional subversion of purpose

Apathetic effort on behalf of cause

Care for cause is evident but not compelling

PSA sustains sincere commitment to purpose

Obvious commitment to cause is exhibited in compelling or passionate PSA

Production Values of PSA

Little connection between choices of imagery and ostensible purpose

Effort is dull


Choices of imagery are humdrum or ineffectual

PSA is competent


Choices of imagery are frequently appropriate if traditional

Predictably successful choices of imagery and style enliven message

PSA is striking


Style is admirable


Production is intriguing or transfixing

Content Transmission

PSA cheats audience of coherence or purpose


Product is confused


Message lost in noise

PSA is clichéd


Obviously derivative or hopelessly hard-sell

A reasonable, though pedestrian attempt


Obvious formulaic choices in content



Fresh idea(s); takes a fresh look at the familiar; does a better job with familiar ideas

PSA is motivational to audience




Definitive as a representation of message

Audience Response

Audience is dumbfounded or offended


Audience cannot accept message or cannot comprehend it

Audience is put off by patronizing tone


Inappropriate attempt at humour


Too confrontational an approach to be persuasive

Audience has patience with, and perhaps some sympathy for message or presentation

Audience is attentive


Audience considers message


Audience is largely on side

Audience is intrigued or transfixed


Identification of viewer(s) with cause


Audience is shaken or transformed


Audience makes a commitment



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