Mid-Pacific Institute Professional Development
Project Design Brief using a Constructivist Model
Instructions to Upload PSA
For PSAs that are 10 MB or less and to save it as a vodcast:
  • Save your video as .mov or .m4v.
  • To access the text editor in this project, use the code: mpi
  • Use Firefox as the browser. Safari does not work with the text editor.
  • Choose the audio/video icon on the toolbar.
  • Browse to find your PSA on your desktop or flashdrive.
  • Title your PSA and give it a short description.
  • Click Insert. It will take about a minute or two to upload especially if the file is larger.
  • To view what the PSA will look like, click Preview at the bottom of the text editor.
  • Click Save.

For PSAs that are larger than 10 MB, upload your video to TeacherTube and then grab the embed code to paste into the text editor. Embed code is HTML code that needs to be entered in the source code. Click View Source at the bottom left of the text editor, move your cursor to the end of the text, and paste the code for your video.