Oh! What a Web we Weave ...
Internet Safety, Privacy, & Other Considerations
"Safety First. Security Always" - Navy Radioman Guiding Principle

Technology is something that should be embraced and respected, but not feared.

While it is absolutely true that technology is a wonderful tool with many great benefits, it must also be noted that there are some potential dangers to consider when using certain technology.

One of my goals is to utilize my background and experiences in cyber threat analysis to instill respect and awareness, in students and colleagues, for the potential pit-falls that exist with the use of internet-based technology.

The bottom line is that awareness is the key.
Remember, technology is something that should be embraced and respected, but not feared.

Core understandings:

  1. Let’s explore TSL (Technology as a Second Language)
  2. To click, or not to click.
  3. Social networking and privacy.
  4. Tell me with whom you walk.
  5. An ounce of prevention - Trust, but verify.
Learning Objecives:
  1. Participants will review key terms and definitions.
  2. Participants will review the concept of Social Engineering.
  3. Participants will review basic ideas to "harden" social network profiles.
  4. Participants will review potential future and/or professional ramifications of the web we weave.
  5. Participants will review techniques to be preemptively cautious.
Navigating the Web - Intelligently
Internet: Privacy | Security | Safety
Focus Content Area:
Professional Development

Secondary Content Area:
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