So, You Want to Write an Eval
So you want to know....
Learning Objectives

Lesson Objective    

The objective of the lesson is to familiarize Navy personnel how to work with the known bugs in the software, and learn how to navigate within the restrictions of the program. This tutorial is to refresh the skills of those who have not written E-1 to E-6 EVALs in a while, and to teach junior personnel how to input information for senior leadership review. This tutorial is NOT intended for personnel who are already well reversed with NAVFIT; nor is it intended to fix the bugs within the software.

     After completing this lesson the audience will be able to:

  • Utilize the and understand the NAVFIT 98 program.
  • Upload and input information into a FITREP and EVAL correctly.
  • Import, export, transfer, save report file for leadership review.
  • Have knowledge of the US Navy policy of Privacy Act information and documents, and consequences of violating that policy.

Required Materials

  • Personal Computer with Windows XP or Later (NAVFIT Program is not compatible with Mac or Linux)
  • Thesaurus or access to
  • Navy Eval and Fitrep Writing Guide
  • Access to way to save file in an online database; in the "cloud" for easy secure transfer.
  • Electronic copy of Navy Evaluation Manual (available at no cost at