So, You Want to Write an Eval
So you want to know....
Stuff you should know

For military personnel there are requirements for Fitness Reports (FITREPs) and
Performance Evaluations (EVALs) in any give situation.These situations could be for a permanent change of station (PCS) move, promotion, voluntary or involuntary separation, and/or for any other unforeseen incident.  Many inexperienced junior and senior personnel are ensure how to use the NAVFIT software to write these reports.  Inexperienced sailors create an added burden for their leaders and co-workers who have to stop working on their own projects to help them. A lesson for NAVFIT would allow help new personnel understand the proper procedures to input and validate information and import and export files for transfer and review.


  1. Students should print out a copy of the Evaluation Form     Evaluation Form
  2. Follow the form while watching the video below.
  3. Refer to this link for more information. Eval Manual
Local Command Evaluation Guide
Please note: This guide is for training purposes only.  It is provided to teach students basic evaluation writing skills, and as supplemental information for the video below.  Due to the constant changes within the Navy, some of this information may be out of date.  Please check BUPERS Instruction 1610.10 and current NAVADMIN messages for the most up to date rules and regulations.  Also, please check with your chain of command to inquire about your reporting seniorís requirements for block 43 comments bullet formatting.