A walk through the periodic table
How do we use the periodic table to get information about the elements?
Presentation on Periodic trends
Below are video links that go along with the slideshare presentation you see in this lesson. Clink on the links to the videos when directed by the presentation.

Video links:
Ion Definition


Electron Affinity

Valence electrons


All desktop video captures obtained from Modern Chemistry, by Holt, Rinehart, & Winston.

CHEM.9-12.1.c. Students know how to use the periodic table to identify alkali metals, alkaline earth metals and transition metals, trends in ionization energy, electronegativity, and the relative sizes of ions and atoms.
CHEM.9-12.1.d. Students know how to use the periodic table to determine the number of electrons available for bonding.
CHEM.9-12.1.g. Students know how to relate the position of an element in the periodic table to its quantum electron configuration and to its reactivity with other elements in the table.