One-to-One Laptop Program
at Madison Middle School
Setting Up 1:1
Go to for information on how to set up a 1:1 classroom. This site provides examples, pictures of classroom setups, and more.

Class arrangement: This is important and goes hand-in-hand with "Management by Walking Around (MWA)." Sometimes you’ll want the students in groups, so MWA is essential. Other times, you’ll want them in rows (testing, for example) so you can see each laptop screen at once. If you have kids without laptops, sit them out of view. Daily sign off sheets: Again, along with daily expectations, let them know that you expect to see what they completed for the day. Students are less likely to goof on their computers if they know you expect a two-page paper.

Expectations: At the beginning of the year, tell your students what you expect from them. Good pedagogy requires this be done for every class and every lesson, whether or not laptops are involved. As for laptops, tell them clearly what you expect, such as no idle surfing, no Instant Messaging, etc. Be clear of consequences.

Use timers: Timers are great for any activity such as quizzes, warm ups, discussions, and more. If you’re doing a class activity that involves the laptop, use a timer (preferably one that ticks loudly), so the kids know they don’t have all day.

First use: Often, the laptops are deployed a few weeks into the school year. Be sure to take time to teach proper use and never assume they know how to use the laptops. Depending on the students involved, it might be a good idea to at first put students in groups around one computer. Employ the rules heavily at this time.

Students use assigned laptop only. They shut down and put away laptops at the end of each class period. This practice helps to establish a sense of ’ownership’ for each of your students. The laptop is their personal learning tool and they will take care of it because they value the opportunity.

Peer-to-Peer Support

Ask 3 before me! This is a lifesaver for teachers. Remember, your class content has not changed and the focus of instruction is not laptops. At the same time, there will be students in each of your classes who can offer effective support to their let them!


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