One-to-One Laptop Program
at Madison Middle School
Rationale for Keyboarding
Keyboarding Rationale
Principles of Effective Keyboarding

Complete Online Keyboarding Programs

Touch Typing
This site includes 15 online, interactive lessons that develop keyboarding skills. As students become more advanced, an option to copy and paste any text for practice is available.

Peterís Online Typing Course
This site is a complete course that provides an introduction and overview, principles for effective keyboarding, typing ergonomics, and finger placement. 18 interactive lessons and 8 exercises are available. A minimalist approach is used in the design of this course.

Dance Mat Typing
This colorful, interactive site from the BBC offers 4 levels and 12 stages of keyboarding practice.

Learn to Type
Keyboarding Practice Drills

Interactive Keyboarding Games

Falling Words
Type the words before they hit the ground.

Barracuda Typing
From the site: "Help barracuda keep its river clean. Type words into the box as they appear floating down the river. Barracuda will knock them out. It is a loosing battle and river will grow darker as barracuda slowly looses. When barracuda starts gaining, the river will get bluer."

Cup Stack Typing
Type the letters to stack then unstack the cups.

Gamequarium Keyboarding Games
This webpage serves as a portal to many online, interactive keyboarding games.

Different Levels of Typing Games