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By Camille M. and Sammy S.      November 22, 2010 -- 11:35 AM
I can't wait to read The Clockwork Three!This book is about a group of children who have nothing in common but yet work together to solve the mystery of the green violine.I hope to read this suspencful mystery! :D

By Sydney H.      November 22, 2010 -- 11:28 AM
One of my favorites is Diary of a Wimpy Kid. I can't wait to read the new book!!!!

By rayi lam      November 22, 2010 -- 11:25 AM
I can not wait to read The Lost Hero!!!I heard it was great!!! My friend read it and told me it was great!!!

By Bella Vick 310      November 22, 2010 -- 11:19 AM
The book that I can't wait to read is Origami Yoda because it sounds like it is a comedy. I love a good laugh once and a while.

By Ernest Ho and Ben Vu      November 22, 2010 -- 11:19 AM
We recommend The Clockwork Three for 5th graders to adults because it has a twist of mystery and a bit of sadness.

By Casey C. Danielle Y.      November 22, 2010 -- 11:18 AM
As yoda is telling Dwight what to do, I wonder if origami yoda is telling the truth. This book seems like an adventurous book. It tells Dwight's life in school and his experiments with origami yoda.

By Rene Lim, Kyle Tran, Brandon Wong      November 22, 2010 -- 11:18 AM
I recommend the book series 39 clues because it is a great mystery series and you should read it.

By Emily Tran      November 22, 2010 -- 11:17 AM
School of Fear!!!
I really want to read this book because it is sooo popular. It's about fears and how 4 very different people come together to counqer their fears at the school of fear.

By dora      November 22, 2010 -- 11:17 AM
I want to read the lost hero because it has a lot of good reviews on the Barnes and Noble data base & Amazon Books, so i really want to read the lost hero.

By Samantha F      November 22, 2010 -- 10:20 AM
I can't wait to read ''you Can't scare me'' I like scary stories.It got great ratings on amazon. I wonder what is inside.

By Tiffany V      November 22, 2010 -- 10:18 AM
School of Fear
I can't wait to read School of Fear.It is about 4 kids going to a school to get rid of their fears.It sounds really exciting.

By Jasmine C.      November 22, 2010 -- 10:12 AM
I recommend the book "Lost Hero". Many people love to read this book. At amazon it had 5 stars. Barnes and Nobles too. You should read this amazing book.

By Allison C.      November 22, 2010 -- 10:09 AM
I really want to read the Clockwork Three. It sounds really exciting. I have heard great things about this book, and at Barnes and Noble and Borders, they all gave it five stars. I hope I can read it soon!

By Matthew Dalton      November 15, 2010 -- 09:43 AM
The book I really want to read is "Diary of Wimpy Kid: The Ugly Truth". I want to read it because I read the other four books and they were really funny. I want to see what other mishaps Greg gets into. I am really excited to read this book.

By Talia Grumet      November 11, 2010 -- 07:07 PM
I really want to read "School of Fear".I heard the kids names are Madeline,Theo,Garrison,and LuLu. They have fears of bugs,small spaces,death,and water which sounded weird to me. This book got a four star rating so it's probably good. Anyway,this book sounds just so good to me I really want to read it.I bet a lot of people will like this book.

By Megan Yip P10      November 11, 2010 -- 11:12 AM
I canít wait to read the book Framed. Customers rated it 5 stars so Framed looks like a good book to other people and maybe you too! On the back of the book it says a boy named Griffin Bing is being Framed. Just by looking at the cover and the back it looks very interesting.These are the reasons why Framed looks like a very good book.

By Helen Pearce 301      November 10, 2010 -- 05:24 PM
I can't wait to read The Princess Plot! When this "movie" turns into real life, this girls life is in danger. The customer ratings were mostly five stars, and possitive comments too. I can't wait to read what happens next!

By Gabby G.      November 10, 2010 -- 03:34 PM
I reccomend "School of Fear" because it is about four twelve and thirteen year olds that are sent to a school called "School of Fear". They are sent there to overcome their fears.Madeleine  is deathly afraid of bugs,especially spiders.Theodore is petrifed of dying.Lulu is scared of confined spaces.Last, Garrison is terrifed of deep water. Theyíll realize that this just may be the scariest summer of their lives.They donít have any exams or homework.If they donít conquer their fears by the end of their course they will find out how frightening failing can really be.

By Ella R.      November 10, 2010 -- 03:16 PM
I can't wait to read ''School of Fear'' it is about four children who have to face their fears. I have heard a'lot about this book and it sounds very interesting.It had a fifteen star customer rating.I can't wait to read to ''School of Fear''!!!

By By, Alina S.      November 10, 2010 -- 03:14 PM
Here are a few reasons why I want to read the "School of Fear". Alot of people say that this book is funny and kid appropriate. When I saw this book I wanted to steal it and gobble it up. By looking at the cover I think my favorite character would be the girl in the orange shirt and a jean skirt. Thatís why I want to read the "School of Fear".

By Michael Chun      November 9, 2010 -- 09:26 PM
I can't wait to read "The Strange Case of Origami Yoda"! Origami Yoda is a finger puppet owned by a character named Dwight. It is an exciting book. The characters in this book ask Origami Yoda questions and he answers them. The question that they're asking is whether or not Origami Yoda is real and does he have any real powers. He gives wise answers to them. It's a funny book and a really fun book to read. I recommend this book for everyone! You'll really like it!

By McKenzie Taffe 302      November 9, 2010 -- 07:03 PM
I can't wait to read Dork Diaries:Tales From a Not-So-Popular Party Girl because it has hysterical jokes, amazing drawings, high ratings, and great personality.

By Jackie L.      November 9, 2010 -- 04:25 PM
I can't wait to read the book "The Clockwork Three" because of the following. I can't wait to read this book because my teacher Ms. Malone told us that she was talking to Mrs. Oduacayen and she told Ms. Malone that she was reading a great book called " The Clockwork Three".

By by Jack Loudon      November 9, 2010 -- 03:42 PM
Ook and Gluk

I can't wait to read this book because it has crazy cavemen fighting crime and going on adventures. Some of the customer reviews say that it is an awesome book that is so funny. The cavemen have some troubling times and also mess-up. They fight machines and menises. They even live on an island.

By Sophia Cowan      November 9, 2010 -- 01:45 PM
The book I can not wait to read is by Gitty Daneshvari .It is School of Fear. Just by looking at cover it seems like a great book.I bought the book and it looks great!

By Nathan Ma      November 9, 2010 -- 01:43 PM
I canít wait to read The 39 Clues. It is a really interesting series. I am on book 9. It is about 2 orphans named Amy and Dan Cahill on a hunt for 39 clues. In this book They are going to the Bahamas to find the 9th clue on a ship. I canít to read the book.

By By Alex M. and Sarah T.      November 9, 2010 -- 10:27 AM
We can't wait to read "Lost Hero".Acording to other people they liked "Lost Hero"."Lost Hero" had a 5 star rating so it should be great.Most responces said they enjoyed it.When we read "lost Hero" we hope to say the same.

By aita zulu      November 9, 2010 -- 10:26 AM
I canít wait to read School Of Fear.When the author explained what School Of Fear was about in the video I was interested in it the second she talked about it.She was so descriptive and had such good acting. It sounds like a good suspenseful book.I like suspense and mystery because you donít know what's coming next.In some stories you can just guess what's coming next and be right.I think this one is different.I really want to read some of her other mystery books.That is why I want to read this awesome book.

By Kaitlyn Ogata p10      November 9, 2010 -- 10:24 AM
Iím so excited to read Puppy Place Pugsley because it seems like a great. The first chapter that I read online was so interesting.I like that the name Pugsley has the breed of dog he is in his name.I want to read this book because the dog looks cute and I have another Puppy Place book named Scout and it was very good.So I hope that this book will be good to because I canít wait to read it.Also Ellen Miles writes very good books like the Puppy Place series.

By Olivia R. & Maria T.      November 9, 2010 -- 07:22 AM
We can't wait to read School of Fear because everywhere we look there are 5 stars. Every comment is positive. All the copies ran out in the first two days of the book fair! We read the back of the book it seemed like a fabulous book. Not only that, but it seemed like our type of mystery,so we bought it and can't wait to read it.

By By Maddie Wilson      November 8, 2010 -- 07:49 PM
I really want the "2011 book of World records.It sounds like a great book to read.I hear that it is a four star rating.I can't wait to read it,and learn so many facts.I saw many people liking this book.this book sold really fast I can't wait to get the new book of "2011 World records."

By Emily R. 301      November 8, 2010 -- 02:44 PM
I really can't wait to read the book "Rapunzel's Revenge" because it sounds great and it's my favorite kind of book- graphic novel! I recommend it to people who love adventure.

By Lauren Tan      November 8, 2010 -- 02:43 PM
I'm so excited to read "School of Fear" because all of the comments on Barns & Noble gave a great review. I tried looking on Amazon but I couldn't find the book. All the reviews made me more and more anxious to read that book. I loved the pictures on the cover because the characters are so simple yet it gives you an idea that they are afraid of something. So I stared at the cover but still couldn't figure out who's phobias who.I peeked and noticed that every chapter has a phobia on it.I can't wait to read this book!

By Alexander C. & Mack L.      November 8, 2010 -- 01:28 PM
I think the book Nerds would be a wonderful addition to our library. It is about six fifth graders who have different special abilities. This book is an action packed novel. I think all kids should read this adventurous book.

By Gabi F.      November 8, 2010 -- 01:27 PM
by Gabi F. November 8,2010 1:32
I can't wait to read Dogs 101 because I love dogs and I want to learn more about them. Dogs 101 covers dog breeds from A-Z. It describes each dog's appearance, its nickname, what famous people have owned the breed, and what group it belongs to such as working, nonworking, toy, terrier, and hound. Each page also has many cute pictures of the dog breed. If you want to know more about dog breeds this is the book for you.

By Ricardo T. P10 Liem N.      November 8, 2010 -- 01:26 PM
What we've found out about the book Origami Yoda is that reporters say it's a four star book and a mystery. We also found out that people say it's four stars too. This tells us we should try this book and see how we like it. We also think that the cover looks funny.

By Gabby K. and Mulan M      November 8, 2010 -- 01:25 PM
I can't wait to read the book Girls Acting Catty because when I saw it at the Book Fair it sounded very interesting.I think this book will be interesting to us because it's a girl book and we are girls.I also love the author that wrote this book.This is why I can't wait to read Girls Acting Catty.

By Audrey S.      November 8, 2010 -- 01:25 PM
I can't wait to read The Clockwork Three because I saw a preview and it was interesting. Even though I usually hate mystery books ,this one is a book I love. When I read it I can't wait to see if the three kids find the treasure. I can't wait to get the book.

By Fiona Y. 310      November 8, 2010 -- 11:56 AM
I recommend the book "The Books of Elsewhere" because in the book Olive,a eleven-year-old girl,and her parents have just bought a house which the neighbors say the old owner mysteriously died inside the house. Olive and her family have been in the house for over three weeks and discovered that there are weird pictures on the walls,and a strange pair of glasses.

By Casey C. Danielle Y.      November 8, 2010 -- 11:38 AM
Is origami yoda real? Can he really tell the future? That's what Dwight thinks as he stares at origami yoda on his finger. I can't wait to read this awesome book about Dwight's imagination with origami yoda.

By Bella Vick 310      November 8, 2010 -- 11:38 AM
The book The Dreamer is a great book. It is about a boy and how he troubles in life. He as troubles in school work. So his step mom takes his mom's place. His dad works on the railroad and is rarely home. He just wants to be like his siblings. I really recommend this book The Dreamer.

By Asia T 310      November 8, 2010 -- 11:37 AM
I am exited about reading the book "Klutz Book of Ridiculously Brilliant Inventions", because I have read the first few pages and it has many funny inventions such as the "Helium Filled Hide-a-Bed", and "Scratch'n'Sniff Menus". It has not had many reviews, but my friends who have bought it have told me it is a great book!

By Emily T.      November 8, 2010 -- 11:37 AM
I can't wait to read My Life In Pink and Green because it got 5 star reviews and it looks really interesting.All the comments I read so far about this book have been great so I really want to read it and I hope you do to!

By Sammy S., Kristi D.      November 8, 2010 -- 11:36 AM
The book School of Fear written by Gitty Daneshvari about four children who have strong fear. When they all have an outburst which causes family members to realize that something is wrong.The parents decide to send them to a special school to banish their fears. This is the book I think everyone would enjoy. Can't wait to read it.

By Sam Patterson      November 8, 2010 -- 11:36 AM
I would recommend "The Lost Hero" by Rick Riordan because I have read his excellent first series. This time, three new demigods must slay monsters, face their worst fears, and even save the human race. I think Riordan's new series will be even better than the last.

By Camille M. ,310 and Jordan G. ,310      November 8, 2010 -- 11:36 AM
I look forward to reading "School of Fear". "School of Fear" is a story about four children whose parents send them to this exclusive school to overcome their fears or find out how frightening life can be. I would recommend this book for kids and adults. I can't wait to read it!

By Chris T. and Spencer L.      November 8, 2010 -- 11:35 AM
The book "The Lost Hero" sounds like an awesome story and adventure. Its about three kids trying to find a lost hero. We looked on amazon and almost all people gave it a 5 star rating. We totally recommend this book to all Percy Jackson fans and anyone who likes mythology because it is written by the author Rick Riorden.

By Cedric M. Vincent C.      November 8, 2010 -- 11:35 AM
We can't wait to read Bone Tall Tales. IT seems like a very funny book and adventures and if you like books like this we recommend this book for you to read and I hope you share this comic to friends.

By Jacob C. Terrence L.      November 8, 2010 -- 11:35 AM
School of Fear, the hit book, broke through the roof on Amazon. "I loved it!It rocked!" said a reviewer. It got a four star rating. "Best book ever!" said another. Also look for it's sequel, School of Fear: Class Not Dismissed.

By Samantha F      November 8, 2010 -- 10:23 AM
Lost Hero seems like a really great book.I read the series before Lost Hero, the Percy Jackson series.It was a really good series!I saw great reviews for Lost Hero on Amazon!cant wait to read it!

By Aaron 312 Tristan 312      November 8, 2010 -- 10:22 AM
I would recommend the book Guinness World Of Records 2011 because it contains many new facts, records and many new interesting content. I think if I recommend this book to others they will recommend this book to others as well. The Guinness World Of Records 2011 is a very likable book to read.

By Allison C.      November 8, 2010 -- 10:20 AM
I am interested in the book Ripley's Believe it or Not: Enter if You Dare because it contains wacky and weird facts. I like to read the Ripley's Believe it or Not books, and I think this book is the next one it the series. I went to Borders, and I got a 4 and a half star review for the book.

By Isabelle D.      November 8, 2010 -- 10:17 AM
I can't wait to read Diary of a Wimpy Kid 5:The Ugly Truth! It seems really good and most of the people on Barnes & Noble say it is good too. I have read the other books also, they are also really funny!

By Alex O      November 8, 2010 -- 10:13 AM
The lost hero is a great book additional to the Percy Jackson series that you have to read. This great book is for children 9-13. Read this before it's to late. It got a 5 star rating at borders and barns and nobles.

By Jane R.      November 8, 2010 -- 10:12 AM
I can't wait to read the Clockwork Three! This book is 5 stars so its probaly the best mystery book ever! I think I'm going to love it because I love great mystery books.

By Tana H.      October 27, 2010 -- 08:04 PM
I Survived the Sinking of the Titanic 1912

I want to read I Survived the Sinking of the Titanic 1912, by Lauren Tarshis. The reason I want to read this book is because in fourth grade we read a short story about the Titanic. We got to be one of the actual people that went on the Titanic and then had to do a little research on that person. Ever since then,I've had an interest in the Titanic. I went to the website to find out more information on the book.

By Duston So 312 Kendall Fong 312      October 26, 2010 -- 11:56 AM
We can't wait to read the book Math: A Book That Counts because it's all about our favorite subject, Math. It is about numbers from zero to infinity, fractions, and decimals. It is a highly recommended book. This book is a fun way to learn and memorize math with hilarious characters. The book has a five star rating.

By Rachel W and Alexandra K      October 25, 2010 -- 10:10 AM
The Lost Hero!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am so excited to read the Lost Hero. On the Barnes and Noble and Amazon website it got 5 stars. Its thrilling and suspenseful Barnes and Noble people say and it is also very funny. Almost everybody reviews say its a good book to read on your down time. You should read the Lost Hero soon.

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