Cyber Ethics and Child Safety on the Internet
How can schools assure that students are using the Internet in ethical and safe ways?
Warm Up for Module 3

Warm Up

Students will understand the rules for Internet Safety and will know how to protect themselves from cyberbullying.

Learners will
  • Determine how to protect your students from Internet Dangers.
  • Develop strategies to teach your students to be good Cyber/Digital Citizens.
  • Develop strategies to teach your students netiquette (online manners.)
  • Develop strategies to prevent cyberbullying.
Cyberbullying and Internet ethics and safety have become huge issues.  As educators we must help our students become ethical and moral users of the Internet.  Social Media has provide bullies a new venue for bad behavior.  It is critical that we teach our students both to be good cybercitizens and to protect themselves from cyberabuse. Begin to think of a subject that you teach in which you could incorporate Internet Safety. What state content standards can you address as you teach about cyber ethics and safety? Bookmark the sites that you visit in this topic that will be the most useful to you when you implement your Internet Safety Module into your lessons.  You will use the material from this module in your final project.