Cyber Ethics and Child Safety on the Internet
How can schools assure that students are using the Internet in ethical and safe ways?
Warm Up for Module 4

Warm Up

You will become familiar with child safety and the Internet and get an understanding of some of the risks a child faces when using the Internet or other Web or text enabled devise.


 Learners will

  • Recognize and understand the risks a child faces when using the Internet or other connected emerging technology
  • Discover how to recognize signs that a child might be at risk
  • Develop strategies to etermine if students are either participating in cyberbullying or being bullied
  • Discover strategies that can be sued to minimize the chances of an online exploiter or cyberbully victimizing your students
  • Understand the issues involved in Internet safety and ethics so they can recognize what their students are doing on the Internet
  • Review some real-life case studies.
  • Be able to further protect their students/kids from online sexual exploitation can cyberbullying by recognizing commonly used chat acronyms

Begin to think of a subject that you teach in which you could incorporate Internet Safety. Determine what content standards can be met as you teach students to be both safe and ethical in their use of the Internet and emerging technologies.

Bookmark the sites that you visit in this topic that will be the most useful to you when you implement your Internet Safety Module into your lessons: