Cyber Ethics and Child Safety on the Internet
How can schools assure that students are using the Internet in ethical and safe ways?
Warm Up for Module 6

Warm Up



You will develop strategies to implement safety into your curriculum




Learners will develop strategies to integrate the 6 key aspects of Internet Safety and ethics into their curriculum:

  • Privacy: What is meant by private information?

  • Copyright and Fair Use: Ethical use of web resources, including plagiarism and citing resources
  • Safety: Keeping students safe from Internet predators and cyberbullying

  • Netiquette: Incorporate basic netiquette skills

  • Respect: How to be a good cybercitizen.

  • Critical Evaluation Skills:  How to recognize quality on-line resources.




This week you will complete your final project - a plan that you will use to help your students learn to be safe, responsible users of Internet and mobile connected technologies.  This plan should include strategies for the 6 key components (above) for Internet safety and ethics.  The plan should also include a plan for helping parents to guide their children to be safe, ethical users of emerging technologies.