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77 Online Resources to Check Out (Free Technology for Teachers)

Links to lots of online tools, tutorials and other educational resources.

Iconic Boom: Cool Techology Tool of the Week Podcasts

"video podcast dedicated to finding the best new and innovative free technologies, software, and web 2.0 utilities for use in education. This podcast is written and produced by Jason Thomas and can be found at https://ironicboom.com/category/professional/"

TechLearning’s Great Web 2.0 Resources for Students
Links to Web 2.0 resources for students out there that can help students with their school work, getting organized, and using other Web 2.0 resources.

A-Z Web Tools (Part 2)

An annotated list of all the Web 2.0 tools whose names begin with the letter F.

20 Technology Skills Every Educator Should Have

This article by Laura Turner lists the 20 skills, but says: "Technology has changed a great deal in the last 5-6 years.  Although, realistically, you would not use all of these technologies, you should be knowledgeable in what each of the following technology is and how it could be/might be used in a classroom."  It also provides likes to several Web 2.0 sites that are good for classroom use.


Beat Lab


Free grid tool that lets you create your own sound track of beats and rhythms that can be shared.




Create animated tutorials in a variety of formats for many scientific disciplines


This is a free ap that allows you to create video on your iPhone or iPad.

Smash Cards

This is a Beta phonics flash cards site.  " The purpose of Smash Cards is to add value to the flashcard experience. Here’s how it works; a student holds a flashcard up to a webcam and images matching the words on the flashcard. The goal is to provide students with a visual reference to aid in recall."


Tools for Building Multimedia Timelines


Free Technology 4 Teachers links to 5  online tools for building multimedia timelines

Bloomin’ Google

Kathy’s Schrocks chart that matches Google Tools with Bloom’s Taxonomy


Free online gradebook that can  be integrated into your Google Apps for Education account


Online tool to create special effects with images.

My Mind to Your Mind

Links to a variety of Web 2.0 tools and resources


an online collaboration application that’s centered around the whiteboard. It has a new type of drawing interface that’s actually easy and fun to use.

Web Poster Wizard

This FREE tool allows educators to create a lesson, worksheet, or class page and immediately publish it online.

Museum Box

This site provides the tools for you to build up an argument or description of an event, person or historical period by placing items in a virtual box.

Type With Me

Online collaboration tool that text is synchronized as you type, so that everyone viewing the page sees the same text. This allows you to collaborate seamlessly on documents in your Web browser.


Springnote allows you to create pages, to work on them together with your friends, and to share files. Springnote is also a great tool for group projects as it allows group members to easily collaborate. Advanced search, numerous templates, and 2GB of FREE File Storage are only few examples of how Springnote can help you. Of course, you already know that Springnote is an Internet service, meaning you can access it from anywhere anytime.


Online private diary/journal that allows you to keep yourpersonal thoughts, memories, and ideas safe and secure in the cloud.

Educators and students can create GLOGS - online multimedia posters - with text, photos, videos, graphics, sounds, drawings, data attachments and more.

Students and teachers, schools and districts can create wikis to upload and share images, documents, audio files, video, and more.

12 Ways to Create Videos Without a Camera or Software
"With nothing more than a reliable Internet connection you and your students can create all kinds of documentary, entertainment, and how-to videos"  This annotated links to a variety of online video creation sites. 

"Enable users to insert animated charts and graphs into their PowerPoint slides. Using oomfo users can import data from spreadsheets to create their charts and graphs. Users can also export the charts they’ve created for reuse in other presentations"

FreeTech4Teachers Technology Content Creation Resources
Links to a variety of Web 2.0 Tools

Top 10 Sites for Creating Digital Magazines and Newspapers
"While creating digital magazines or newspapers can be done in a word processor, there are dedicated sites that elevate this art to a whole new level." This is a web resource list of 10 great sites.

A social network and learning management system and digital classroom where teachers create/academic content for students to log in use.

Mashup for the web.  It allows you to collect and organize and share any web content in a borderless drag and drop environment.

Education Eye
A virtual mind-mapping search engine

Make photos talk

Edit and share photos and create slideshows.

Drag On Tape
"A collaborative web service that lets you create 3-hour mix tapes of your favorite YouTube videos."

Collaboratively create and share photo slideshows and movies online .

Site for editing, and sharing photos, slideshows and movies

Quintura Kids
Cloud search engine for kids

Todays Meet
Create and use an online backchannel: "The backchannel is everything going on in the room that isn’t coming from the presenter. The backchannel is where people ask each other questions, pass notes, get distracted, and give you the most immediate feedback you’ll ever get.Instead of ignoring the backchannel, TodaysMeet helps you leverage its power.Tapping into the backchannel lets you tailor and direct your presentation to the audience in front of you, and unifying the backchannel means the audience can share insights, questions and answers like never before."

A open source online platform for creating movies.

Create 3D pop-up books

Free online movie creator/editor.  Similar to iMovie.

"A powerful editing tool and photo manager. With the features professionals use and novices want, it’s easy to use, works in real-time and allows you to edit many images at once. Splashup runs in all browsers, integrates seamlessly with top photo-sharing sites, and even has its own file format so you can save your work in progress. "

"A free video encyclopedia that covers everything you need to know or want to learn. If your passion is entertainment, fitness, health, history, nature, people, science, spirituality, religion, or travel - free video encyclopedia provides the access you need."

ClassMarker is a (free, but you can purchase the upgrade) professional, easy to use, online quiz maker that marks your tests and quizzes for you. You can:
"* Link directly to quizzes from your website or emails
* Randomize quiz questions and set time limits
* Have quiz results emailed to you and saved in ClassMarker
* Create multiple choice, true false, free text, short answer, fill in the blank and
punctuation quizzes
* Register multiple learners instantly with 1 click"

Quia allows teachers to create educational games, quizzes, class Web pages, surveys, etc. It also has activities and quizzes created by educators from around the world.

An easy to use visual search engine that creates a mind map to connect resources

Teacher Web
This is a (small) fee based site for hosting web classroom websites and WebQuests.

"QuestGarden is an online authoring tool, community and hosting service that is designed to make it easier and quicker to create a high quality WebQuest."

An easy-to-use web site (blog), where you can quickly post thoughts, interact with people, etc.

PB Wiki
PB (Peanut Butter) Wiki is an easy to use Wiki that lets multiple people collaborate on the same page. This is a great resources for group projects.

"TiddlyWiki is a single html file which has all the characteristics of a wiki - including all of the content, the functionality (including editing, saving, tagging and searching) and the style sheet. Because it’s a single file, it’s very portable - you can email it, put it on a web server or share it via a USB stick.
But it’s not just a wiki! It has very powerful plugin capabilities, so it can also be used to build new tools. You have full control over how it looks and behaves."

"Class Blogmeister is one of several blogging engines that have been developed specifically for classroom use. The Blog is an online publishing tool that enables people to easily publish their loves, passions, dislikes, peeves, discoveries, and insights. "

Designed for elementary and middle school teachers who want to provide each student with their own, unique blog. It allows students to publish posts and participate in discussions within a secure classroom blogging community. Teachers maintain complete control over student blogs.

Google Docs
An online password protected site for sharing documents. It contains a free web-based word processor and spreadsheet, which allow you share and collaborate online. You can also upload MS Office documents.

This is an online publishing site. Projects can become published books. There is a cost attached to this service.

"Audacity® is free, open source software for recording and editing sounds. It is available for Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows, GNU/Linux, and other operating systems."

Jing is free software that allows you to capture images, edit video and post it all online

Create, edit, organize and share photos on the Web.

Create slide shows with photos, video clips and music that can be shared on the Web, etc.

Create, share, organize photos online or in printed albums

Sweet Home 3D
"Sweet Home 3D is a free interior design application"

Google Sketch Up
"Google SketchUp is software that you can use to create, modify and share 3D models. It’s easier to learn than other 3D modeling programs, which is why so many people are already using it."



Top 10 Sites for Creating Word Clouds

An annotated list of free online Word or Text Cloud applications. "

A text cloud or word cloud is a visualization of word frequency in a given text as a weighted list (wikipedia)." This is a concept that is utilized a lot in education for: visualization, brain storming, and mind mapping." While this can be done using paid applications such as Inspiration, there are a number of free sites that accomplish the same."

Game Creation Resources
A web resource list of software for game creation. Some of the software is open source (free), and others are for purchase.

You Tube
A source for videos, and a place to post student created videos or video entry documents.

Teacher Tube
A source for educational or school/teacher/student created videos, and a place to post student created videos or video entry documents.

Create free web sites and blogs.

A free graphics manipulation software that allows you to edit digital images.

Online tool for creating a different kind of presentations.

"An Open Source vector graphics editor, with capabilities similar to Illustrator, CorelDraw, or Xara X, using the W3C standard Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) file format."

Sweet Search
A search engine design especially for students.

An easy to use online drawing tool for creating diagrams and maps.

21 Classes Cooperative Learning
Easy to create and use online virtual classroom tool.

Comic Master
Create "graphic novels" e.g. comic books.  Also has teaching resources.

Designed as a collaborative group notebook for business that allows you to brainstorm, take notes and track to-dos. It allows you to organize and share information with your team. This is also a great tool for school project teams.

Create digital media using your browser.

Magic Studio
Interactive learning resources from teachers, publishers and museum archives. You and build and share your own resources as well.

Use Google tools to create electronic portfolios

We Are Teachers
Social Network for teachers to share curriculum and ideas

PB Works
Online collaboration tools

FreeTech4Teachers Alternatives to YouTube
Links to sites with videos that can be used in the classroom

27 Videos About Online Teaching
Open Education Resource Commons’ video on:

4. Providing Feedback
5. Reducing Plagiarism
6. Building Community
15. Online Visual Learning