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Beat Lab

Create sound tracks using a grid

National Educational Technology Plan and the NETP Executive Summary

21st Century Literacies
“The 21st Century Literacies Curriculum presents the process and essential skills for embedding information literacy strategies across all areas of the curriculum….21st Century Literacies refer to the skills needed to flourish in today’s society and in the future. Today discrete disciplines have emerged around information, media, multicultural, and visual literacies. It is the combination of literacies that can better help K-12 students and adult learners address and solve the issues that confront them.
On this site, we focus on four 21st century literacies - information, media, multicultural, and visual. We have found resources, both bibliographic and web-based, to assist you in your quest to learn and/or teach literacy skills.”

National Education Technology Standards
ISTE’s site not only lists the NETS for students, but it has a Wikispace (Implementation) for teachers to share lesson plans,

Atomic Learning
“Atomic Learning provides web-based software training for more than 110 applications students and educators use everyday. Our short, easy-to-view-and-understand tutorials are an integral part of a professional development program, a valuable curriculum supplement, and an anytime/anywhere training resource.”

Center for Digital Storytelling (Resources)

The Center for Digital Storytelling is a San Francisco based organization that helps people create life-based digital stories. The resource page has great resource that can help students create digital stories. The Digital Storytelling Cookbook is an outstanding “how to” manual.

The Elements of Digital Storytelling
“The Elements of Digital Storytelling site provides a:
* Taxonomy of digital storytelling.
* Analysis of current practices.
* Clearinghouse of effects research.
* Showcase of innovative story forms.
* Forum for discussion.”

Art, Design and Visual Thinking
This is  an online course that focuses on:
“1. The language of design: Principles and elements of design. How to analyze design, and think critically about it in an objective way.
2. Media of design and the fine arts: How materials and techniques define what we can do in art and design
3. The evolution of visual language in the modern era: Recent history of design (Interior design and fashion) and fine arts; how they relate, and how they have affected how we see.
4. Non-western approaches to art and design: Since this course is primarily taught from the point of view of Western (Euro-American) design philosophy, in this multicultural era we need to be aware of other approaches to visual thinking.”

Partners in Rhyme
Royalty free music and sound effects

Royalty free music

Interactive Multimedia Development
University of Texas site with information on learning theories, multimedia development process, design principles and software related to interactive multimedia production and design.

Copyright Free Resources

Links to copyright free media and images